Teacher Leader Roles

The following describes the roles of each member of the PLC.

Role 1: Organization Manager

The Librarian will serve as organizational manager. This role consists of the following aspects:

  • Meeting times and places
  • Information and Data gathering and sharing using google drive
  • Keeping the team on task with reminders in a timely fashion
  • Help all members with their roles

Role 2: Fundraiser Chairperson

  • This member shall research and find creative ways to raise money for the STEAM program.
  • All fundraiser forms must be turned into Teresa Moseley in May prior to the next Fiscal Year.
  • All documentation of fundraisers must be kept accurate and follow all school accounting policies
  • At the end of each fundraiser all required accounting items must be turned into the book keeper.

Role 3: Grant Writer

  • This member will gather and find grants that could be used for the STEAM program.
  • All members will share any information they find to help the grant writer.
  • All member shall work collaboratively with the grant writer to find and write grants.
  • Grant writer will proof read and submit the final grants.

Role 4: Activities Manager/ Role 5: Student Recruiter

  • These two members shall work hand in hand to recruit students into the program.
  • Determine when meetings shall be held and contact the organization manager to book times and locations.
  • Place meeting places and times on the announcements at school.
  • Organize student activities for each meeting.