Spring Break Closing

Spring Break closing is on Saturday, March 11 at 12:00pm

Please remember to complete the following tasks before leaving:

  • Empty all trash and remove all perishable items
  • Close and lock windows
  • Close blinds/curtains
  • Turn out all lights (you DO NOT need to unplug all electric equipment)
  • Turn off all alarm clocks

We are accepting Late Break Extension Applications until March 10, 2017. Please be aware that there will be a $50.00 charge.


Meal plans end with brunch on the March 11th, and begin again with dinner on the March 19th!

Cosi and the TECH Center Starbucks will have limited hours on Monday through Friday of Spring Break.

The halls will open again on Sunday, March 19 at 10:00am!

Have a safe and enjoyable Spring Break!