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NEW Meal Pick-Up Times beginning Friday, May 22:

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April 2020

From the Principal's Office

Dear Mesquite High Students and Parents,

Thank you for your flexibility and patience during this first week of remote learning. I appreciate all of the students who have already been engaged in their classes, and want to encourage those who have not to take this opportunity to enrich their learning while improving their grades.

Due to school closure and the stay at home order from the governor, our office is closed. Should you need to contact us, please email us at mhsinfo@gilbertschools.net. We understand that students have items left on campus that they have not been able to retrieve. We will send out information on how students can return school materials, as well as retrieve their personal belongings after May 1. Should you have an essential item that must be picked up, such as medication, please contact us. Please continue to check your email and the district website for the most updated information during the school closure.

COVID-19 school closures have significantly impacted all our lives. This situation, however, has not altered the Gilbert Public Schools’ desire to provide a quality educational environment for students. It is extremely important that all students remember that, while utilizing remote learning opportunities, it is still their responsibility to interact appropriately with teachers and other students at all times. This means that, although we are not physically together, students must treat each other with respect and understanding, and are accountable for their behavior.

If a student is determined to not be following appropriate behavioral expectations as listed in the link below, they are likely to receive consequences, which could include removal from remote learning. Please be a team player and help us work together through this challenging time! Thank you for your continued support!

Parents and guardians, please review the student expectations below with your child.

GPS Student Expectations During Remote Learning


Joyce Meyer, Ed.D.


Mesquite High School


Our Mesquite Administrative Team

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Left to Right:


Assistant Principal

Seniors & Juniors A-GO




Athletic Director/Assistant Principal

Sophomores & Juniors P-Z


Assistant Prinicipal

Freshman & Juniors GR-O


March 31st letter from Dr. Shane McCord, Superintendent of Gilbert Public Schools

March 31, 2020

Dear Gilbert Public Schools Parents and Families,

Yesterday, it was announced that Arizona schools will remain closed until the end of the school year. This news was hard for many of us to hear. Our teachers, staff, and students are missing school and each other, our families are facing challenges, and we all miss gathering together in community. We do, however, understand the fact that this is a necessary measure to keep our students, staff, and families safe by supporting nationwide efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

I also know that yesterday’s announcement brought up many new questions for our students, staff, and families. Please be assured, we are working to address all questions and concerns as quickly as possible, and we will continue to actively communicate with our community.

GPS is a strong community, and I encourage us all to continue to support each other. Our school buildings are closed, but Gilbert Public Schools is open and we are here to support the continued learning and growth of your student(s).

Below you will find some updates we are able to share, as of today.

Scheduled events and field trips

As a result of yesterday’s announcement, all campus extracurricular events are canceled for the remainder of the school year. This includes all performances, athletic contests, dances, and field trips. We will continue to seek out new ways to connect and engage remotely during this unprecedented time.


We recognize that graduation is a big question and concern for our seniors and their families. Please be assured we are looking at all possibilities and will be communicating updates as

soon as possible.

Remote Learning

Remote learning began yesterday, and we are already receiving wonderful feedback from our students and families. As learning continues, our teachers will be actively engaging with your student(s). If you haven’t already, please visit our Remote Learning website for parents and families.


We continue to update our website as new information becomes available. Please visit our Assessment and Accountability webpage for updates.

Personal belongings at school

Your school campus will contact you with information on picking up personal belongings. If you feel something is essential, please contact your child’s school directly. Visit your school’s website ‘Contact Us’ page for details on how to contact your school.

Special Education

Special Education teachers and related services staff are providing remote learning experiences based on special education goals and accommodations through a variety of modalities, including Google Classroom, individual conversations with families, and WebEx meetings. Some students are utilizing online learning, while others are being provided with hands-on remote learning materials. In many cases, special education staff is collaborating with general education teachers to maximize learning related to grade level standards and materials.

Summer School

As of today, summer school will continue as planned. Registration is already open for secondary summer school, and registration for elementary summer school opens Thursday, April 2nd. More information can be found on our district website, links below:

Meal Services

Please find attached our flyer for free drive-thru breakfast and lunch meal services being offered at eight sites across the district.

Contact Us

To contact your school Principal, office staff and teachers, please visit your school’s website ‘Contact Us’ page for links to the school email address and teachers’ websites with contact information.

Wellness Resources

These are challenging times for many of us, please visit our website for links to district and community support services available to you, your student, and our community: www.gilbertschools.net/wellness

Please be assured we will continue to be in communication with you, providing regular updates and answering questions. Thank you for your continued patience as we plan and coordinate the remainder of the school year.


Shane McCord, Ed.D.


Latest updates from Gilbert Public Schools

Please continue to visit www.gilbertschools.net/alerts for the latest updates and access to a

wide range of resources to support our families during this time.



Meal Services Flyer - English (pdf):

Meal Services Flyer - Spanish (pdf):


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We hope you are doing well and miss you dearly. With things changing by the hour, we are preparing for different scenarios we may face in regards to graduation. As soon as decisions are made, they will be communicated to you.

Class of 2020, we are proud of you and know how resilient you are!


MHS Administration


MHS Seniors and Families

If you have received scholarships for the 2020-2021 academic year, please complete this form so that we can recognize your accomplishments in receiving various scholarships:


Please be sure to list ALL scholarship opportunities you have been offered and click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page. Include private donors, colleges, institutions, or technical schools. Please DO NOT list any monies received from FAFSA.

This form must be filled out and submitted by Thursday, April 9, 2020 in order to be included in the MHS Scholarship Recognition Program.


Counseling Information

AP Exam Updates

College Board has provided a website with updates for AP students affected by COVID-19. Students who are registered to take AP exams can go to:

https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/students for updates about the AP exam schedule and taking the exams.

Summer School

Registration for summer school is open. Email your counselor if you would like to enroll in a summer school class. Visit the GPS Summer School website for more information.

Online Global Academy Classes

Students currently enrolled in online Global Academy courses need to continue to work on their courses. Online course deadlines:

  • Seniors - April 24th (in order to process courses for graduation)
  • Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors - May 21st

Counselor Meetings

If you would like to schedule a phone or webex meeting with your counselor, please send your counselor an email.

Erin Harris

Last names: A - Ei


Mr. Domikaitis
Last names: Ej - La


Mr. Cook
Last names: Le - Rh


Mrs. Chamberlain
Last names: Ri - Z



Mesquite TOYBOX - Story Time with Mrs. Higgins

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from: Mary Beth Cristian, Algebra 1 & Geometry Teacher:

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from Brandi Marinig, Student Council Advisor:

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from Julie Buturla, Culinary Arts Teacher & Link Crew Coordinator:

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Link Crew:

On March 5th, some of the Link Leaders attended Courage Camp at Settler's Point Elementary School. Each leader was assigned a group of 6th graders to mentor to help them understand the importance of being true to yourself and standing up for others. It was an amazing experience, which ended with students sharing their personal stories on bullying and what they will do to make changes. There was a lot of laughter and fun throughout the day, but there wasn't a dry eye in the room when it all ended. All of the students, both 6th graders and Link Leaders, realized how much their actions influence others and how much they are influenced by others actions.

This was a truly unforgettable experience and I know everyone walked away feeling like they were part of something special.

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