From The Desk of Donna Lemaire, Principal


On any school morning there is this wonderful opportunity to watch children walking down the walkway to their classrooms or the gym. It never fails to touch my heart when I watch an older sibling (3rd grade) walk a younger sibling to the PreK area. They walk hand in hand and when reaching the playground big brother gives his little sister a kiss and heads off to his room. Children learn about taking care of siblings from their families. It is part of belonging to a family and a sense of being on the same team and more. A young girl brings in her little brother during recess to let the nurse know he doesn’t feel well. They have learned more than we realize. At the cross-country meet team members run alongside their team-mate encouraging him to the finish line; now, they are teaching us something. What we learn as a family begins to extend out to larger communities. The faith that begins at home and is supported by extended family and the school community teaches us that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. While our first priority is to teach our children these important values, there comes a time when they need to see us extending those values to our larger communities. I invite you to join us as we get in touch with what really matters and how we are called to bring the presence of Christ to others; Be Empowered.

Donna Lemaire


If your child is a 5th-8th grader, please join me for "Breakfast with the Principal" Wednesday morning in the auditorium! PLEASE ENTER THROUGH THE BREEZEWAY AND PROCEED TO THE CAFETERIA FOR A LIGHT BREAKFAST AND COFFEE. We will move to the auditorium after morning prayer. The presentation is timed so that all in attendance will be able to leave for work by 8:20 a.m. Parents with children in other grade levels, please refer to the attached flyer so that you can mark your calendar for YOUR grade level's "Breakfast with the Principal."

What do you feel EMPOWERED BY THE SPIRIT to do? Might you be ready to answer the call to bring the presence of Christ to others as a SPES parent? Watch your Inbox later this week for an invitation to join "JOURNEY - A SPES Parent Ministry."