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Ordering books from Scholastic has never been easier. The FFO and our amazing teachers would like to offer this online service just to our Canyon View Families. Log on to the link below, register your children with their Homeroom teacher and shop. Our wonderful team of FFO parents will make sure your child's teacher will get credit for the ordering, enabling them to get supplies for their classroom. For every two books you order through this online Scholastic Store, our teachers get one book free!

The FFO takes care of the paper work and making sure the book orders get to you! All orders must be shipped to the school for teachers to get the scholastic credit for use in their classroom. Just log on to

Register your children with their Homeroom teacher Shop, Ship to the school! RELAX! You just ordered great books for your children, earned rewards points for teachers and the FFO will make sure it gets to you! Now that is a great deal!

Canyon View Lunchtime Book Club for Grades 2-5!

Second grade parents expressed a desire to have their children included in the CVES Lunchtime Book club and we agree! Our next meeting will be February 27, in the library at lunch time. January's picks for the first lunch period is "The One and Only Ivan" by Katherine Applegate. The Fourth and Fifth grade club members chose "Inkheart" by Cornelia Funke. Please bring your lunches to the library. Additionally, mark your calendar for the following book club dates March 27, and April 24. Students who attend three of the four book club meetings and actively participate will receive a prize for being a "Coyote Book Club Reader"!

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!
This pigeon has lots of reasons why he should drive. His cousin drives. He'll be careful. It's just a bus. How about it?

Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!
Who's tired? Not this pigeon. In fact, he's in the mood for a party, a little TV, and good conversation.

The Pigeon Wants a Puppy!
Pigeon really wants a puppy. He's wanted one since last Tuesday. And he'll water it once a month. It sounds like a good idea, doesn't it?

The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!
Pigeon can't believe his luck! He just found a yummy, yummy hot dog. But then a little duck appears…and he seems awfully curious about Pigeon's find!

Abe Lincoln's dream by Lane Smith

When a schoolgirl gets separated from her tour of the White House and finds herself in the Lincoln bedroom, she discovers the ghost of the great man himself. Together they embark on a journey across the country to answer Lincoln's questions and quiet his concerns about the nation for which he gave his life. The bold black-and-white pictures use splashes of color to show off the country's most impressive monuments.

Surprisingly intimate, this engaging story clearly explains why this extraordinary president continues to be remembered and honored to this day.

Mrs. Kupper recommends The Magic Treehouse Series!

Jack and Annie lead a perfectly normal life. Perfectly normal, that is, until they come across an abandoned tree house with the power to whisk the kids away to different times and places!

Whether they're exploring the ancient pyramids of Egypt—and helping out the ghost of an Egyptian queen—or crossing the Delaware with General George Washington, Jack and Annie are always ready for another adventure. More importantly, the facts they learn along the way always provide the keys to completing their quests. The siblings love to read up on any subject—whether it's to crack codes, solve riddles, or simply get out of scrapes.

And as readers follow along on each magical journey, they are introduced to all kinds of interesting information about different time periods, key historical figures, and various cultures and civilizations. With plenty of facts mixed in with tons of excitement, each book provides a great foundation of knowledge that supports future learning.

Who was John F. Kennedy?

With straightforward language and illustrations on nearly every page, the Who Was…? series invites kids to explore history by learning about key figures from politics, sports, music, literature, and more. Each book tells the story of a person's life, introduces his or her major accomplishments, and discusses the historic events that shaped his or her world. The books also include timelines, a bibliography, and suggestions for further research.

The Crossing: How George Washington saved the American Revolution by Jim Murphy

Leutze's familiar painting, Washington Crossing the Delaware, graces the cover of Murphy’s latest book, but the story begins before that dramatic event, when the Second Continental Congress appoints Washington to lead the army in June 1775. Profoundly aware of his personal limitations as a commander, Washington struggles to turn his initially unruly officers and troops into a well-disciplined fighting force before the formidable British army brings the war—and the young country—to an untimely end. Focusing on the Continental army’s progress from Washington’s appointment through the Battle of Princeton in January 1777, this book recounts military events, setbacks, and successes as the tide of the war slowly began to turn. Printed in relatively large type with wide-spaced lines, the text is clearly written and makes very good use of quotes. Text and illustrations, including maps and reproductions of period paintings and documents, are printed in shades of brown. Though sources are not provided for individual quotes, the excellent back matter includes a discussion of Leutze’s iconic painting, a time line of the Revolution, a list of Internet sites, and a lengthy partial list of books consulted. Murphy offers a refreshingly frank, vivid, well-researched account of a pivotal time in American history. Grades 5-8. --Carolyn Phelanp
In 1723, Ben Franklin arrived in Philadelphia as a poor and friendless 17-year-old. Sixty-two years later, he stepped ashore in nearly the same spot—and was greeted by cannons, bells, and a cheering crowd. In this elegant, artwork-filled biography, groundbreaking author Russell Freedman explains how a runaway became a distinguished statesman, renowned author, world-famous scientist, and Founding Father of the United States of America.

Spanish Language Book recommendations coming soon!