Spring Break

Alicia Green

Easter Day

Easter was fun and boring at the same time. I was at my nana house and it was raining most of the day. I'm happy my god baby got to enjoy her little Easter egg hunt in the house. Although it was a disaster after she got done. enjoyed spending time with my mama and my brother. Only boring thing about it i had to clean up everybody mess.
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Time With My Favs

I was on the south side most of my whole break. I had fun with my best friends Bralla and Jala. Monday was the funniest and craziest day ever. I also got to spend more and more time with my god daughter. For the 1st few days it was just me Bralla and my sisters and brothers.

End Of My Break

My break came to and end Saturday. My uncle came home from Japan. He was over here for six months. I was so excited to see him because he more like a daddy rather than a uncle. I spent my whole Sunday with him. We got a bond like best friends. He spoils me like a daddy because he don't have any kids.