Seoul, South Korea

By: Vy Nguyen Period 1

History of Seoul, South Korea!!

Seoul is the capital and the largest city on South Korea.

Korea is split into South Korea and North Korea.


Korea Culture/Tradition

A Korean tradition on New Year Day is that you will get to wear a piece of clothing called Hanbok. Hanbok is a colorful clothing that elderly,men,women,and even kids wear them on New Year Day or special occasion. Its always been one of my favorite tradition in Korea.

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Getting There!!!

Flight To Seoul, South Korea

Airline: United

Departure~5:54 pm Arrival: 8:35 pm Total Travel Time: 35 hours 41 minutes 2 stops

First Flight~ 5:54 pm~11:47pm Total Travel Time: 3 hours 53 minutes

Second Flight~ 11:10am ~ 1:55pm Total Travel Time: 13 hours 45 minutes

Third Flight~ 5:55pm ~ 8:35pm Total Travel Time: 2 hours and 40 minutes

Cost: $ 2,767.60 for 2 people including tax.


Lodging and Hotel: Where will I be staying?

Hotel Name: Lotte Hotel Seoul

Hotel Price: $300 for 4 nights at the hotel

What does my hotel offers?

Super clean room, a amazing view of the city, nice staff, and direct access to the Lotte Department store.

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What I will be doing in Seoul?

~Plan For Day 1:

Activity 1: Bukhanson Park

Description: Popular place to hike and see the beautiful view.

Cost: No Fee

Length: More then 3 hours

Activity 2: Myeongdong Hyper Shopping

Description: Lots of korean shopping stores. For example, Etude House and Inis Free

Cost: No Fee

Length: 2-3 hours

~Plan For Day 2:

Activity 1: N Seoul Tower

Description: Build on a 262 meter peak in Namsan Park

Cost: Yes

Activity 2: Bongeunsa Temple

Description: A place for Buddhist

Cost: No Fee

Length: 2-3 hours

Activity 3: Coex Aquarium

Description: Has over 600 hundreds species aquatic life and 40,000 fish.

Cost: Yes

Length: 2-3 hours

Plan for day 3:

Activity 1: Olympic Park

Description: I always wanted to go to this place because Running Man members was here and sometime they film here so I might have a chance to see them and greet them.

Cost: No Fee

Length: 1-2 hours

Activity 2: Seoul City Hall

Description: Lots of beautiful sight and very popular place in Seoul

Cost: Yes

Length: 2-3 hours

Activity: Seoul Forest

Description: 2-3

Cost: No

Length: 1-2

Plan for day 4:

Activity: Gangnam

Description: Very expensive things there but the market is a must go. The market has lots of delicious food that you will never find anywhere else.

Cost: No

Length: The whole day

Problems that might occur

~A problem that might occur while I'm in Korea is that I can end up day dreaming about being in Korea and got lost for REAL!!! I can kinda understand korean a little bit but I can't speak korean. So if I want people to help me, I don't think its going to be helpful because I won't be able to ask for help. Unless someone speak English.