January 13, 2014 - Austin Elementary

K2 News

The week of January 13th!

  • Tuesday-Library, Return Your Books! PE wear your tennis shoes
  • Wednesday- High Tech High Touch - Wear a College Shirt!
  • Thursday- PE wear your tennis shoes
  • Friday- eTime - Runner's Club! Wear your tennis shoes

Here is what we are learning:

Unit: Snowmen

Sight Word: they, of, you

Word Family: -ay

Beginning Sounds and Middle Vowel Sounds

Math: Coins

Science: Penguins

Social Studies: Families/Homes


Life Principle: Self Control

School Carnival

JANUARY 25th 8:00-3:00

Writing a 5 Star Sentence at Home

Is your child writing at home? letters? lists? a journal?

We are working on writing 5 star sentences in class. This means every sentence should:

-start with an upper case letter

-have spaces between words

-end with a . ! or ?

-have good spelling

(word wall words spelled correctly other words they write the sounds they hear)

-Every sentence should make sense!