Kindergarten Kreations



Introducing SuperKids

We are very lucky! Our classroom is piloting a new Reading Series! You may have heard your child come home this week saying he/she met Cass. Cass is one of the SuperKids. Attached is the website for you to get more information. I will also be sending you a link to the Parent/Student Portal. This Portal is a great resource where you and your child can work on phonics and reading at home on a laptop, desktop, or you can download a mobile app for tablets. Please look for this information to come home soon.

Click the link below to see video.


Building the Writer

We have begun our writer's workshop! We have talked about the 3 ways to write a story, what writers write about and that every story has a beginning, middle and end. I love to listen to their stories.


Positional Language

In math, we have been working on vocabulary and learning how positional words relate to numbers (i.e.: 4 comes before 5 and 6 comes after). That actually is a very hard concept for our little ones to understand. Many of them think that 6 comes before 5. We have also been counting to 10, visualizing and learning our Months and Days of the Week. I hope you are hearing the songs we sing!


Pick Up Change

There is going to be a change in the afternoon pick up. This ONLY applies to P.M. kindergarten. In order to alleviate the traffic jam at the lower level door, kindergarten is going to exit the MAIN Front door by the office. I will walk the students out the front door and wait on the ramp located on the left side of the stairs going into the building. I will not let the kids go until I see an adult. This will start Monday.

A.M. students there is no change. I will still see you at the lower level door.

P.M. students will drop off at the lower level door, but pick up at the front door.


Please check your child's red folder for the purple PTO volunteer papers. If you wish to volunteer or help with the classroom parties, those sheets will sign you up. Also, don't forget to send in your child's party money in an envelope marked as, "party money, and child's name."

I am using a new app that allows me to communicate with all my parents from my phone. I sent all you an invite through your email. If you have not accepted, please do. I will send you little reminders through this app. If you did not receive the invite, please let me know and I will send it again.


We have gym on Tuesdays! Please wear gym shoes.


I just wanted to let you know that we are having difficulty with our websites. If you go on to see mine, there is nothing there! I am in the process of updating.

Websites for Kiddos

My LiveBinder

Attached is a link to my LiveBinder.

There are a lot of nice websites for your kiddos to play on. There are a lot of reading and math sites. I will be adding more to it throughout the year. Enjoy!