Student Passwords are Changing

What to Expect

Easier Program Access

In order to provide easier access to all student programs in Dickinson ISD, we have reformatted the student log in district-wide. Students will now use the following format to log into the computer as well as district instructional programs such as Destiny, Edgenuity, Ren Place, online textbooks, etc. While we know change is hard, this format will allow consistency among as many digital resources as possible.

Username Format: DISD followed by Student ID

  • Example Only (not a real student login)
  • DISD12345

Password Format: Disd followed by the student's 8 digit date of birth

  • Example Only (not a real student password)
  • Disd01082001

  • The password is case sensitive
  • Only the D is capitalized
  • This example student's date of birth is January 8, 2001. Zeroes are necessary for single digit months and days to make the date a total of eight digits.