Paul Revere

By Garrett Coolidge


Paul Revere had a very interesting life. He had a successful early life. He also had a rough life as a soldier, but he is very important to American history. Paul also experienced a lot of hard times in his family. Paul accomplished a lot of goals.

Boston Boy

Paul Revere had a very successful early life, due to his father. When his father was 13, he moved to America all by himself. He hoped to have a better life in America. Paul was born in 1773. He was the first boy born in his family. Paul was born in the town of Boston. At the age of seven, Paul was sent to North Writing School to learn English. As he turned 12, his father taught him how to be a silversmith. His dad also taught him silversmith trade. He lived in a small house on Fish Street. When Paul was 19, his dad died. Paul's father helped Paul to have a prosperous life as a Boston boy.

Family Life

Paul experienced a lot of hard times in his family. In 1757, he married Sara Orne. Paul liked to call Sara, Sary. Paul and Sary had their first baby, a little girl named Deborah. She was born in 1758. Every two years, Sary had another child. By 1773, she'd given birth to 8 children. But, three died young. There were many diseases spreading, which caused the death of the children. Sary died from a disease shortly after her last baby was born. It was a hard time for Paul. He needed a wife to take care of the children. He met Racheal Walker, in less than a year. They got married and had eight more children. Three of Racheal's babies died young, too. Paul Revere had a difficult family life.

Colonial Soldier

Paul Revere had an eventful life as a soldier, and he is very important to American history. Paul Revere did not take part in any battles. His interests were in copper engraving, and he experimented with it many times. He even made a copper bowl for the Sons of Liberty. Paul participated in the Boston Tea Party. Paul Revere arranged the famous signal,"One if by land, and two if by sea." This referred to lanterns hung by the North Church steeple in Boston. The signal came the night of April 18th, 1775. He rode gallantly through the streets of Massachusetts warning the minutemen that the British were coming. Paul Revere played a significant role as a soldier in the Revolutionary War.


Paul Revere did a lot of important things through his life time. Paul had a very busy, but successful early life as a Boston boy. He was successful as a soldier, helping America. Paul experienced several difficult challenges in his family. Paul was recognized for dealing with many situations.


Experienced-having skill or knowledge from doing something

Silversmith-a craftsman who crafts objects from silver

Steeple-a tall pointed tower on a church

Trade-the act of exchanging one thing for another

Participated-to be involved with others in doing something


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