Spartan Government

A Place for all Citizens in Sparta

Government Structure

4 Branches Mean More Opportunites!

Within the Spartan government there are 4 branches of the government: the 2 co-kings, the 28 Gerontes/Gerousia, 5 Ephors, and the Apella/Demos.


The co-kings rule Sparta together with the help of the other branches. Their power is limited by the Gerontes/Gerousia.


The 28 Gerousia are all elected, upper class men who are 60 years old or older. They help the co-kings make laws.


The 5 elected Ephors presided over the meetings of the Gerousia and the Appella.


Apella were all citizens who could vote. They had to be men who were direct descendants of the Doric.

Values and Social Structure

Social Classes

About 140,000 inhabitants, 40,000 slaves

  • Spartiate-highest class, citizens, government leaders
  • Perioeci-middle class, free non-citizen inhabitants
  • Helot-lowest class, non-citizens, slaves