Gauger Cobbs Newsletter

October 13, 2022

Principal's Message

Good Evening Gauger Families,

I hope everyone has had a great work week. I just have a few things to share with our families.

  • Interim Progress Report-The interim progress reports were loaded into Home Access Center last week on 10/6.

  • End of MP 1-As we move into mid-October, I want to remind families that the end of the marking period is on the horizon and ends on 11/4. If you need support getting into the parent access side of Schoology or HAC, please contact the main office or a guidance counselor (grade level listed below).

  • Uniforms-We thank you for supporting our uniform policy and I want to remind families that the uniform expectation is for ALL of our middle schools, including the city of Wilmington. It is really important that ALL students are in uniform each day. If there is a circumstance that we need to be aware of or if your child is in need, please reach out to the grade-level counselor and/or Ms. Shakeya Carter with Communities in Schools. As it gets colder out, your child can wear a long sleeve undershirt under their polo or they can wear a long-john undershirt in the building. We are not allowing hats, hoods or jackets to be worn because they present a school safety issue. Please remind your student of the uniform expectation and we appreciate your support.

  • Chip Challenge-Parents, we need support in asking your child not to come to school with the "Ghost Chips". If you are not aware, there is a "One Chip Challenge" where students are dared to eat a chip that is coated with hot pepper spices. The chips are apparently sold at convenience stores and online at amazon and cost about $10-15. We ask that you have a conversation with your child about not bringing these chips to school. We have had a few incidents of negative health reactions to the chips in school. The chips can cause significant issues with kids who have allergies to the chemicals in the chips. Thank you for your support.

  • On-time to class-parents, we give 3 minutes passing time to get to each class and that is sufficient time to travel anywhere in the building. We do hall sweeps to make sure students are in class and ready to learn on the bell. Please remind your child that they have sufficient time to get to class as we want to maximize instructional time. Thank you for supporting our expectations.

  • Spirit Week-We will have a spirit week 10/31-11/4(see attached flyer)

Thank you again for your support and have a great weekend.


Sean Mulrine


Gauger Cobbs Middle School

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PBS corner

September/October- Water Ice event. Focus: Uniform compliance

We just completed our water ice event this week and students were rewarded with a treat after lunch. Thank you to our Cobras who were in uniform ALL month.

October/November- Spirit Week- Focus: On time to class

Pumpkin Decorating Content. See attached flyer.

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Calendar of Events

10/13-Fall Dance 6-8 p.m. Student enter/exit via SHOP doors

10/14-No School. State Professional Development Day.

10/31-11/4-Spirit Week (see attached memo)

11/4-End of MP 1

11/18-Report Cards uploaded to HAC and sent home with students

Who to contact?

Principal's secretary:

Patty Landreth- ext: 103

Grade Level Secretaries:

Alyce Derr-ext: 101 email:

Betty Wilson-ext: 102 email:

Assistant Principals:

6th grade and 7th grade: Robert Jefferson email:

8th grade: Dionne Avant: email:

Dean Assignments:

Matthew Kelly-Grade 6 ext: 125 email:

Tywania Phillips-Grade 7 ext: 316

Andy Grunow -Grade 8 ext: 231 email:

School Resources Officer:

Delaware State Trooper Cpl. Nicholas Giakas (Auditorium Hallway) ext: 308 email:

Counselor Assignments:

Kristin Jeanne-6th grade-(Fishbowl)ext:123

Amber Schneider-7th grade-(Fishbowl) ext: 334 email:

Andy Feldmann-8th grade-(Fishbowl) ext: 116

Social worker:

Gwendolyn Miles ext: 850 email:

School Psychologist:

Amy Lowe-Office ext:119

Visiting Teacher:

Dawn Jackson-Truancy (Principal Suite)ext:463 email:

Educational Diagnosticians:

Karyn Treibley- 6th grade(Ed suite) ext:126 email:

Laurie Gremminger-7th grade (ED suite)

Colleen Konkle-8th grade (Ed suite)ext: 122 email:

Behavioral Health Consultant:

Tyonna Brooks (fishbowl) ext: 120 email:

Communities in Schools:

Shakeya Carter ext: 307 email:

School Nurse:

Kathleen Luna (Nurse’s Suite) ext:105 email:

Aubrey Rogers (Nurse’s Suite) ext: 105 email:

Technology Coordinators:

Kerry Waugh-6th grade- email:

Michael Holmes-7th grade- email:

Erik Evans-8th grade- email:

Gauger Cobbs Middle School Dress code-Repeated

Parents thank you for your help in maintaining our school uniform policy. Please make sure you reiterate to your child that "hoodies" are never to be worn in the building. They can be placed in the locker upon arrival at the school. If your child gets cold, please send them in with either a cardigan or sweatshirt without a hood that is grade-level color.

We have seen students wearing Crocs, and these are not permitted. Also, sun glasses are not permitted to be worn during the school day. Thank you for your support of our middle school dress code policy.

Student Manual

Student Manual Information


Parents we ask you for your continued support with some of the following expectations for all of our students! We had expectations assemblies this past week for all grade levels and reviewed many of the topics from our Student Manual. We stressed proper bus behavior, being on time to class, resolving conflicts, and getting additional support if needed. I encourage you and your child to review our Student manual at this link: CLICK HERE

Nurse Contact Information

If your child has any of the symptoms below, please keep them home and send in an illness note upon their return to school.

  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath, trouble breathing, severe wheezing
  • Chills or shaking with chills
  • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
  • New loss of smell or taste
  • Congestion, runny nose
  • Fever of 100.4F or above

If your child is experiencing ANY of the symptoms above, have them tested (home tests acceptable) for COVID before returning to in person learning to assure the health and safety of the school community. Please be mindful that a fever is not a common early symptom for COVID and is not the sole indicator of COVID-19.

Ms. Katie Luna and Ms. Aubrey Rogers are Gauger's school nurses. If you have any COVID concerns or questions, please see their email below to make contact. For more information about health or to learn more about our nurses, you can visit the "Nurse's Corner" by clicking here: LINK

Nurse's Email and phone numbers.

302-454-2358 ext: 103

302-454-2358 ext: 332

Attendance Notes and Policy

Parents it is important that you send in an attendance note within 5 days of your student being absent.

Valid Reasons for Excused Absences and Tardies

  • Illness of student
  • Medical diagnosis and/or treatment
  • Death in immediate family
  • Contagious disease in the home
  • Legal business requiring the student’s presence
  • Suspension or expulsion from school
  • Observance of religious holiday
  • Approved college visits
  • Authorized school-sponsored activities

If you want to submit a note electronically, click here.

You can see the district policies at the link below.

Checking Your Student's Academic Progress

Though many parents use the Home Access Center (HAC) to check their student's academic progress, Schoology is another great place to look. The student's teacher can provide you with an access code to get into the school page for the class. Please email your child's teacher for the access code for the class that you want to view. The code can then be sent to you via email.

Please see our teacher directory at this link to email any of our staff.


Please click here to access the Schoology Grades Reference Guide For Parents. Once you access your student's Schoology courses, you will be able to check their progress. This includes whether or not assignments have been submitted, if a grade has been changed and if there is a rubric, etc.

Technology Support

  • Technology Coordinators:

Kerry Waugh-6th grade- email:

Michael Holmes-7th grade- email:

Erik Evans-8th grade- email:

Gauger Sports Corner

Soccer Coach: Ashley Garner can be reached at

For information on schedules, click here:

DIAA Sports Physical FORM

HAC Information

Parents, if you have never logged into HAC in the past, you will need an access code which can be provided by the school secretary. If you have logged into the system in the past, you don't need the access code. If you have been in HAC at any time during your child's education, you will need to request a password reset via the email that is on your child's school profile in Eschool.

Please see below for instructions on how to log into the Home Access Center.

Home Access Center (HAC) is a secure web-based portal that also allows you to:

● Monitor attendance

● View Schedules

● View report cards

Click here for Home Access Center.

Home Access Center (HAC) Information

Follow these steps to log onto Home Access Center:

Go to URL:

Choose Christina School District from the

drop-down menu.

FirstName.LastName (John.Snow)

Password must have capital, lowercase, and a number.


Grades 6-12 have their own logon.

In the case of a forgotten username or password, please

Click the “Forgot My User Name or Password” link.

An email with your user name and a temporary password will

be sent to the email address currently on file with the


If you still have trouble with your username and temporary password, please email our secretaries.

Bell Schedule

Gauger Cobbs Middle School

Our Vision: At Gauger-Cobbs Middle School we believe in a safe and collaborative learning environment inspiring and preparing all students to be productive learners and leaders in the global community.

Nuestra Visión: En la escuela Gauger-Cobbs creemos en un ambiente de aprendizaje seguro y colaborativo que inspira y prepara a todos los estudiantes para ser estudiantes productivos y líderes en la comunidad global.

Our Mission: Our mission at Gauger Cobbs Middle School is to engage all students in their learning through challenging curriculum, developing positive relationships, and promoting a culture of personal ownership in each student's academic, social and emotional growth.

Nuestra Misión: Nuestra misión en la Escuela Intermedia Gauger Cobbs es engranar a todos los estudiantes en su aprendizaje a través de un plan de estudios desafiante, desarrollando relaciones positivas y promoviendo una cultura de propiedad personal en el crecimiento académico, social y emocional de cada estudiante.

Gauger Cobbs Middle School's Core Values

  • Passion for excellence for our students and school
  • Positive Relationships between, school, home, and the community
  • Respect and dignity for ourselves and one another
  • Teamwork in that we include all stakeholders in our efforts to make Gauger the best it can be
  • Community in which stakeholders share responsibility for providing a safe social and learning environment for all those involved in the educational process

Valores fundamentales de la escuela Gauger Cobbs

  • Pasión por la excelencia para nuestros estudiantes y la escuela
  • Relaciones positivas entre la escuela, el hogar y la comunidad
  • Respeto y dignidad por nosotros mismos y los demás
  • Trabajo en equipo en el que incluimos a todas las partes interesadas en nuestros esfuerzos para hacer que Gauger sea lo mejor que puede ser
  • Comunidad en la que las partes interesadas comparten la responsabilidad de proporcionar un medio ambiente de aprendizaje seguro y social para todos los involucrados en el proceso educativo