Leatherback turtles

Please Save the poor leatherback turtles!


The leatherback is the largest sea turtle that can reach lengths over 6 feet and weights over 2,000 pounds. This turtle’s shell consists of a single piece with 5 ridges, and is distinctive from other turtles who have plated shells.

Why they matter?

Green turtles weigh up to 350 pounds and their carapace can be many colors, including shades of black, gray, green, brown or yellow. Leatherback turtles nest on tropical beaches, but can migrate as far north as Canada during the rest of the year.


-People capture them for food

-Animals that prey upon adult sea turtles include sharks especially tiger sharks, killer whales, and large fish.


Put signs at the ocean to prevent hunters from capturing the leatherback turtles.

Tell the hunters some cool facts/species about leatherback turtles.

Baby Leatherback Turtles Hatching
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