and Congratulations on your new Stella & Dot business!!

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We couldn't be more excited to welcome you to our team!

Stella & Dot was created by bold, joyful women to help all women style their lives as they see fit. Below you will find top tips for new stylists, help to get started with your new business and a brief introduction to our leadership team . We ask that you really put yourself all in and give this little company your best try. You might just find you are onto something really big!

You are officially in business. You are an entrepreneur and while you are in business for yourself you are not by yourself. We work together as a team to help make everyone stronger. As Jessica Herrin shares, "your new stylist investment would not even be enough for a manikin in a cute boutique". You are so much smarter as you just invested in a growing, soon to be billion dollar business. While our press is huge, we are simply tiny compared to the size we will be because of smart stylists just like you and irresistible product.

By now you have signed up as a new stylist, named your website and you likely have a long wish list of must have accessories. Our goal is to help you stay on course and work towards your goals and define your success. Make sure to take a look at the tips below and work with your sponsor and upline to help you get started. We are so excited to be your business partners.

Raising a glass and toasting your future success!

Here are some top tips to help you get off to a great start!!

#1- Explore! Log into the lounge and click on the link "New Stylists Start Here" in the upper left corner. Watch the videos, read the documents, whatever works best for you. Block out some time to do this- your business will thank you later. It's also a good idea to get in the habit of checking the Stylist Lounge daily for updates (5 minutes tops)!! You will also find lots of ongoing training in the STELLAverse section. We even have a Podcast!! I listen to the training calls and always pick up new and useful tips!! Put in your ear buds and learn, get motivated and inspired while you do the dishes or take the dog for a walk!!

#2- Jumpstart. Jumpstart. Jumpstart! The biggest regret stylists have is not taking full advantage of Jumpstart. You have the opportunity to earn the most free jewelry right now!! Read up on Jumpstart and know the basics. Sell $1,000-$4,999 and earn 10% of your sales in product credit, sell $5,000-$9,999 and 15% in PC, sell $10,000+ and earn 20%! Sell $1,000 in your first 30 days get a "quickstart" bonus of $100 in product credits. Yep, that's right....$1,000 in sales in your first 30 days means $200 in FREE PRODUCTS OF YOUR CHOICE!!! Your Jumpstart lasts 60 days and the free product credits are UNLIMITED!!!

#3 Everything is more fun with a friend!! Why not share the Stella & Dot opportunity from day 1?! For each person you sponsor during your jumpstart that goes on to become JS qualified (sells $1,000 QV+ during her Jumpstart) you will get $300 in Product Credit!!! This too is UNLIMITED!!! And don't worry, we will help you train her and get her off to a great start!! Plus, if you promote to Associate Stylist in your Jumpstart you will earn an additional $500 in product credit.........so what are you waiting for?!?! Go call your bestie and tell her she should join you!!

#4-Book shows. Even if you signed up yesterday, get shows on the books. Look at your calendar and determine when you can actually have shows and start calling your friends and family. Don't "ask" them to have a show, but more so "offer" them a trunk show. Tell them how excited you are for your new business and that you'd love for them to be one of your first hostesses. Offer two dates...."I can do the 24th or the 28th, which one works better for you?"

#5- Book and hold your "double dip" show- you get paid as the stylist AND you earn the hostess rewards!! Win-win! You can do this twice a year so why not do it now when you want to build out your display?!?

#6- Input your shows in the system by clicking "Book a Trunk Show" under "Trunk Shows" in the lounge. Once you have the info entered "send hostess conformation email" from the green actions pulldown menu within the trunk show (on the top right). Once a show is inputted, the hostess has a direct shopping link that she can send out to her friends and family. They can start shopping immediately- and their orders get shipped immediately. Why wait?! If you book a show 6 weeks out people can start shopping today! Once you have the show in the system and the email sent to the hostess it's time to start helping the hostess get an many free goodies as possible or what we call hostess coaching. Start by helping her brain storm a list of who she's going to invite--the more the merrier!!

#7- Book shows. Just a subtle reminder of the importance of this.

#8- Wear your jewelry everyday and everywhere. Make some labels on your home printer with your info and put them on the back of your pack of minilookbooks. Put them in your purse and when someone compliments your jewels, tell them about your business, give them a mini, and then get their info so you can follow up with them later on! They could shop from your website, be an upcoming hostess, or even join your team- you never know!

#9- Create a "Who Do You Know List" and include everyone. They are all going to fit into your business as a Stylist, Hostess, Client or Referral Partner.

#10- Send out an "I"m Opening/Grand Opening/Update email that lets everyone know about your new business. You are the door that says "Open". Need help?? There's an example below :)

#11-Attend local meetings. There are monthly meetings held all over the country and they are a great way to get new ideas, meet other stylists and just get pumped up!! There are also regional trainings held by home office throughout the year that are amazing and worth the drive. The "creme de la creme" is HOOPLA, our annual conference and is unlike any conference you have ever been to-- new line releases, fashion, motivation, inspiration, and lots of celebrations!! It is not to be missed!! It is in July and no one had ever regretted going!! Especially new stylists!! BEST GIRLS GETAWAY EVER!!!

#12- Do you have an iPad and or an iPhone? Download the S&D App "Dottie" in Stylist Lounge as your personal assistant. Another favorites for your iPad or iPhone (also available on your PC) is Redstamp. You can use it to create cute branded invites to text or print out.

#13- Book shows. I think you see the importance in this, yes?!

#14- Smile and fun while spreading style! You look fabulous in your new accessories!!!

Have a great first few weeks and I look forward to watching your businesses boom! xo

Your Display & Setup

You will find some great tips for your accessory display in STELLAverse. Build out your collection as fast as possible by maximize your Jumpstart benefits. Stella & Dot sells display trays but you can get them through gemsondisplay.com too. I like the white full size stackable 1 1/2" trays with full size linen tray liners. Stella & Dot neck forms are only $14 each and the statement necklaces look fabulous on them. If you have to decide between jewelry or display pieces, pick jewelry and use a clean neutral table cloth and our cute boxes and signs to highlight your display. The best displays are your hostess and guests. Get them wearing jewelry. Your best display is her neck.

How many pieces do I need? A successful trunk show can have 7 pieces or 70 pieces. When you have fewer items your excitement and our beautiful look books are your best tools.

What else will you need to take to your shows? An iPad or tablet if you have one, a mirror or two, alcohol swabs to clean earring posts before sharing, pens, calculator & camera on your phone, order forms and labeled look books.

Business Cards- I think mini lookbooks are way better than business cards because they are visual and we sell a visual product! However if you are set on having business cards check out Vistaprint for some affordable options. Hot Tip- No need for address field so use that space for other wording such as "Host a Show, Earn Free Accessories!" or "We're Growing! Ask me about the Stylist Opportunity!"

LABEL EVERYTHING with your Personal Website (PWS).

Update your email signatures and social media accounts to show that you are open for business.

Meet your leadership team

Here's an example of an "I'm OPEN" email. Why not send it to everyone you know??

Feel free to use this for inspiration but make it your own. You want it to sound like your voice not mine:) And I would challenge you to make it shorter:-)

I am so excited to tell you about my new venture with Stella and Dot. <Share a little about why you decided to become a rep> I would be honored to be your "go to" stylist of choice.

The perfect referrals for me are potential stylists/reps in the USA/CAN/UK/GER, trunk show hostesses, personal shopping appointments and referrals to my eBoutique.

As I value your opinion, I would be honored if you would preview my eBoutique and share any feedback. If you love it, would you consider sharing it with your friends and family?

I have to tell you it has been so fun and I am excited to grow my business with this company. The jewelry is simply irresistible and shared through trunk shows which create the ideal social shopping experience. Our press is huge with editor picks in many magazines including INSTYLE, WWD, O Magazine, Lucky and Vogue. The fashion industry is simply floored by our luxury line and great value. That's the benefit of sharing through trunk shows instead of in a retail department store. You will be delighted to find that 50% of the line is under $50 and the other half, we want to share that for free with our very best hostesses. Our designers are recognized as the darlings of the fashion industry and with almost a dozen working together, I get to share with you styles that are perfect for all occasions and we adore sharing great versatility with you. I just know you are going to adore the line as I have.

Let's chat soon! I'll catch you up on how to truly shop smarter and cuter. Doesn't that sound great?

If you are not familiar with Stella & Dot, please take a moment to browse my websitewww.stelladot.com/---.

If you would like a catalog please let me know, I would be happy to drop one in the mail... they are gorgeous!!

I would love your opinion on your favorite pieces!!

Thanks again so much for your support!