Christa McAuliffe

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: All About Christa McAuliffe

Chapter 2: My Acceptance into the Space Program

Chapter 3: Steve's Perspective

Chapter 4: Blast Off!

Chapter 5: Why Christa is Important to New Hampshire

Chapter 6: How to be a Science Teacher

Chapter 7: My Opinion


All About Christa McAuliffe

Did you know that Christa McAuliffe died when she was 38 years old? Christa was chosen to go to space.The rocket blasted when she was in it though. Her childhood was ordinary, and regular though.

Early Life

Christa McAuliffe was born on September second, 1948. She was born in Boston.She was also the oldest out of 5 children. Christa was just like any other person. She was normal.

Christa's real name was Sharon. Her mother's name was Grace and she worked as a substitute teacher. Her father's name was Edward and he worked as an accountant. They both loved Christa. They were always there for her.

Christa was always sick when she was a little baby. She was also very adventurous. When she was only 3, she took out her tricycle and rode out into the main street by herself!! Fortunataly, somebody, stopped her.Christa was very ordinary when she was little.


Christa soon grew up and started going to school. Her best friend was Anne Malavich. Christa was very athletic. She loved softball and skiing. She played basketball in high school.

Christa also loved music. She played piano lessons. In high school, she did musical plays. She always signed up. She enjoyed doing it.

When Christa went to school, she was determined to be a good student. She always admired other teachers. She used them as role models. She looked up to them. Christa wanted to be just like them.

When Christa was growing up, she loved space. She was fascinated by astronomy. She always wanted to go to space. She dreamed of reaching for the stars. She also had a crush on Steve, her future husband

Marriage and Family

8 weeks after Christa graduated from college, she married Steve. She married him on August 23, 1970. They both moved to Maryland. they both loved each other. Christa loved him and he loved her.

There, in Maryland, Their first child was born. He was born on September 1, 1976. His name was Scott.Christa was very happy. So was Steve.

After Scott's birth, they moved to Concord. There Christa's second child was born. She was born on August 24, 1980. Her name was Caroline. Scott was 10 years old.

Christa finally had a full family. She was very happy. She loved both of her kids. She also loved her husband. Christa's family was complete.


Before Scott was born, Christa had a job. Can You guess? She was a teacher! When Scott was born, Christa had to take leave. It was kind of like retiring.

Christa was a teacher at Benjamin Foulois high school in Morningside. She taught both eighth and ninth grade.She taught them history, and civics. That was at Thomas Jhonson Junior high school though. She loved teaching.

Later on, Christa decided to earn her master's degree for education. So she went to college for a couple years or so. After she earned her master's degree, she went back to her family. Later on, she went back to teaching again. Steve also had a career. His career was a lawyer. He worked in Washington D.C.

My Acceptance into the Space Program

Did you know I was the first ordinary teacher to go to space? I was chosen out of 11,000 people! I loved space.I was kind, adventurous, creative, and hard working.The biggest moment of my life was finally going to space! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!!!

Learning About My Opportunity

I found out about the space program in 1984. I heard that NASA was holding it.The program was about the first teacher going into space! Not just any teacher.A random citizen! This could be my chance! I could be the first teacher to go into space!

I was so excited that I let out a cry! This was so exciting! It would be a lot of work though. I would have to have a lot of responsibility. I would have to have a lot of time.

I asked my husband, Steve, if he thought it was a good oppurtunity for me. he said he thought it was a pretty good idea. I knew there was something wrong though. He was uncertain when he responded to me.Oh well.

Applying into the Space Program

I decided to enter the space program. It was full of excitement. How could I miss it? It was breath taking. I would have a chance to learn a lot of things.

I had to fill out a 25 page application though. It was about why we wanted to though the space program. It took me a long time to do it. It was dull. It was worth it though.

This was one chance in a life time. If I missed it, I would never have a chance to go to space. I wrote long and hard. at some point, it was hard. But I got through it though. I was writing it for a good cause any way. It was pretty boring.

After a long time, I finally finished. I waited for them to announce that they were about to pick the finalists. I was pretty nervous. I mailed it to NASA. In 5 months, NASA was about to pick the finalists.

Chosen to go to Space

"The teacher who get's to go to space is.......Christa McAuliffe!!" I could not believe it! I was chosen! Out of 11,000 people! I cried with tears of joy.This is what Iv'e always wanted! I was so excited!

I had a big decision to make though. Either leave my family and go to space with risks. Or stay back home with my family and leave the risks behind. I also needed to leave my job if I went. I had only 2 choices to make.

If I left my family to go to space,my family would have hard time. They would have to do things without me. Steve would have a hard time. Getting the kids ready, making them meals, picking them up from school and a lot more responsibilities.Steve would suffer a lot.

If I stayed on the other hand, I would leave the risks and never go to space.My family won't have a hard time living without me. Everything would be normal. I would never be able to see beyond our world or in other words, going to space though. I didn't know what to do.

I finally made my decision. I had decided to go to space. It was a very hard decision. I had made up my mind though. I decided to leave my family and go to space.

I chose this because I wanted to take the risk. I mean, this doesn't happen to everybody. This is one chance in a life time. If I miss it, I'll never have the chance to. Not everybody get's this kind of opportunity. It was worth a risk.

As I said, Iv'e always wanted to reach for the stars. Now, I have, the chance to prove myself, that I can do that.This was a dream come true. I just could not believe it. I, am going to space!!!

Chapter 3: Steve's Perspective

I waited patiently with my kids for Christa to come back. Christa just entered the space program.You have to do a couple of tests. Then NASA would pick the finalists. Christa is on her first test. After she finishes it, NASA will pick the finalists. They keep picking finalists until they come up to one finalist. That person will go to space. It takes them a while though. I am as nervous as Christa is.

I waited for Christa's arrival. She has been gone for the past hour. In a few minutes, I heard a car come up the drive way. Christa was home!" So?" I asked when she was inside the house." How did it go? Did you get in?" Christa had a really big smile on her face.Could it be......? "Yes!! I got in! I qualified for the next test! 10 people qualified for the test!" I could not believe it! " I'm so proud of you Christa! Great job!" I exclaimed. My own wife had a chance of going to space!

Christa had to go through this test one more time. Then NASA would choose the first teacher to go to space. After the test, We congragulated her once more. Now I was more nervous than ever. I could tell Christa was too. All though she was trying to hide in front everyone. Finally we heard that NASA was about to pick the first teacher to go to space.

Christa Wins

It was about time. FIrst the vice president said a lecture. " Oh I hope its her, I hope its her, I hope its her!" I could see that Christa was really scared. Scott and Caroline were jumping up and down next to me. Finally they announced the winner. " The teacher that gets to go to space is... Christa McAuliffe!"

I was very surprised. Christa McAuliffe, are my ears playing tricks on me? I was the happiest man alive. Christa got up to say a few words. Then she got back down. Everyone applauded wildly and loud. I was so happy for Christa. Scott and Caroline were screaming and yelling which started to hurt my ears. In the end Christa got back and we all drove home.

Proud and Worried

When we got back home we were very excited. I bet Christa was the most excited. She kept talking about training and goign to space. I was very proud of her bravery. Then suddenly, a thought hit me.

What would happen to us and Christa? Would Christa be alright? Would the kids be ok without her? I started getting worried. The biggest thing was would Christa be safe? I told all of this to Christa. I think she was way to excited. She might be a little worried though. Would Christa be ok?


Getting Ready for Take Off

It was about time. Christa had finished all her training. Now, she and her companions started to get ready. They put on their equipment. For example, the space suit.

Christa was really happy and excited. Her dream was about to come true. She had done so much hard work while training. Now it was about pay off.Christa just couldn't wait to "reach for the stars." She finished getting ready and followed the others outside. To the lauch pad.

Launch Time

I was January 28 1986 and it was about time. Launch time. Christa was on the launch pad. She was about to get in the rocket. She was very excited. Lot's of people came. Including her own class! They were very happy. Imagine your teacher about to go to space! There were over thousands of people watching. Teachers from all over the world watched.

Christa's family was also watching. They were not thete though. They were watching on T.V. Christa's family was very happy. They were also scared and anxious though. They wanted Christa to be safe.

Christa finally entered the rocket ship. She entered feeling accomplished. Christa was bored and anxious though. She hed to wait for several hours. Finally, at the right time, the count of began.

"Blast off in 10, 9, 8." Christa's heart was beating fast."7, 6, 5." It was almost time."4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!

Blast Off

Christa flew into the air. Everyone was amazed. Mission accomplished! NASA watched the rocket (Challenger) slice through the air. They were very proud. Christa was soo happy! She and her companions were going to space.

Caroline and Scott watched the T.V. They were fascinated. How would you feel if your mom was going to space? Pretty happy. Right? Christa always wanted to go to space. Ever since she was little. Now she has the oppurtunity! Then, at 11:30 a.m., it happened.

Christa's tragic Death

The flight was only 74 seconds. The ship started acting weird. NASA was alarmed. They started getting worried. What was happening?Suddenly, the unexpected happened.

The rocket blasted! Christa was in it too! The horrified faces watched as the pieces of the challenger fell from the sky. They were big and burning. Everyone was terrified. Christa family was staring at the T.V. They could not believe their eyes. They were the most horrified. The whole family was very, very sad and upset.

After a few weeks NASA found pieces of the rocket in Cape Canaveral Florida. It was located 15 miles of the coast. Christa's remains were brought back to New Hampshire and was buried near her home. Her family mourned for her. The brave and loyal Christa McAuliffe was buried on May 1, 1986.

Why Christa McAuliffe is very Important to New Hampshire.

Christa McAuliffe is very important to New Hampshire because she was the first ordinary teacher to go to space, She worked had to accomplish her dream, and she was very brave. It was very hard for Christa to accomplish a lot of things. She worked really hard.

Christa McAuliffe is very important to New Hampshire because she was the first teacher to go to space. First, she found out about the space program. She thought it was interesting, so she entered. She filled in a 25 page application. Then she mailed it to NASA. Christa got through all the finalists rounds. Finally, NASA picked the first teacher who get's to go to space. Can you guess who? Christa McAuliffe! She was the first teacher and citizen to go to space. This is why Christa McAuliffe is important to New Hampshire.

Another reason Christa McAuliffe is very important to New Hampshire is because she worked hard to accomplish her dream. She didn't just get chosen to go to space. She worked really hard. For example, she left home and went to train with NASA. Christa always wanted to train with NASA. She earned the privilege. She trained a lot. She did about 100 hours of training. It was hard work for her because she was not an expert at space or rockets. She got the hang of it though. Christa had a lot of stress and things to do. She was a hardworking person. Christa is very important to New Hampshire because she worked hard to accomplish her dream.

The last reason Christa is very important to New Hampshire is because she was very brave. An example is Christa risked her life and left her home. She went to train with NASA. She could have stayed home safe and sound. She didn't have to risk her life. She went though. She was brave enough to go space. Lot's of people would have been really scared. They might have even denied the opportunity. Not Christa. She decided to do it. It didn't come out very well for her though. The rocket had blasted 74 second after lift off. Christa is vey important to New Hampshire because she was known for her bravery.

These are the reasons Christa McAuliffe very important to New Hampshire. Christa taught a lesson to everybody. She really is a big role model. Christa made a big difference in the world. Christa McAuliffe is important to New Hampshire because She was the first teacher to go to space, she was hardworking, and she was a brave person. Christa McAuliffe is a really great person!

How To Be a Science Teacher


Christa McAuliffe was a science teacher before she found out about the space program. She enjoyed teaching science. She was really happy. Have you wondered how Christa is so successful in teaching science? Here are all the requirements.

First, you need to have a bachelor's degree. You need to be smart to be a science teacher. You also need to take extra classes. Science can be complicated. It can also be easy.

You need to know different types of science. For example, earth or nature.

You need to take at least 1 certification exam. You need to take advanced classes in science. It isn't only complicated for children though. You might also be stuck. Or you might not be able to explain it in the right way to children. You also should have a field degree. Whew! You sure need a lot of degrees!

Interactions with Kids

Christa McAuliffe taught very well. She didn't just teach though. She entertained the kids. She didn't keep them bored all day. Now, here are some of the ways to have good interactions with kids.

First, you need to demonstrate your ability to help kids understand science. You want them to be interested get knowledge. You also need to like kids. If you hate them, then this in not the job for you. You have to be patient. It might be hard for a student and really easy for you. That's just because you learned it before them.

To teach students, you have to inspire them. If you don't, they might get bored. They won't pick up anything your saying. they will be bored to death. If you inspire them, they will like to listen and enjoy science classes.

You also have to have the ability to ho love or hate science. The kids who love science will be able to learn very well. People who don't like science might get distracted. So you have to show them that science can be as much fun as recess. You also need to be able to teach so that kids can understand. You want them to have knowledge, right? You have to explain it in a way so that others can understand.

Good Teaching Practices

To be a good teacher, you have to have good practices. You have to be interested and knowledgeable. If you are interested, then you will teach better. If you are knowledgeable. Then only you can teach in a correct way.

When you are interested, you will love your job. Then, you will inspire others. They will want to be just like you. The will like science more themselves. When you're interested, you will want learn more. Then you will teach more.

You also have to be knowledgeable. When you know a lot of things, you can pass it on to others. They will know just as much as you do. That is the whole idea of teaching. Soon the students will have knowledge.

Staying Current

To be a good science teacher, you also have to stay current. You have to know what's going on. You have to know about different techniques. So that you can do new things in your class. Here are different questions you might have which explains why you need to stay current.

To stay current, you might need new experiments. You want to keep your class excited. Don't you? Keep them entertained by introducing new experiments. It makes a great way for children to understand something.

You can also find new ways to teach. For example, if you are having a new time with something, you can look it up. Find different ways to explain it. So that it will be easier for you to explain. It will also be easier for kids to understand.

It is very important to stay current. If something new came up, you would be able to teach it to your class. Now do you know how to be a really good science teacher?

The Big Picture

Hard Times

Christa had hard times which she had to face. She had to handle a lot of things.

Going to space was a big moment for Christa. She had a lot of things to do though. She had to take care of her family and job. She had to make sure her family was ok. Her family had a hard time because they had to take matters without her.

Christa also had to train a lot. She had a lot of stress. There were a lot of things Christa had to do. I would feel stressed and frustrate if I was Christa. I bet you would too.

Like going to NASA Christa had to sign a lot of papers and get ready for her trip. She had to say goodbyes, and pack, and help her family go smoothly. Whew! That is a lot of things she has in her hands. She had a lot of things to do.

Big Choices

Christa had big choices to make. She didn't have a lot of time either. It was hard for her to make these choices. For example, she had to choice if she wanted to leave her family and go to space or she could stay at home and deny her opportunity.

Christa had to think and chose a lot. Starting with entering a space program. Should she do it or not. Obviously she did it.

Christa had a lot of things to think of. I bet her brain hurt. What should she do? Should she go? Would her family be alright? Would her class be okay with a substitute? How long would training be? Would she back in home in time? These kind of questions filled her up

Christa had a lot of things to do. She do things. She had to choose things. It was hard for her. She had to be stubborn though. If she was choosing to go space, she would go to space. If she was staying, she was staying she was staying. She could not change her choice at the last minute. Christa had a hard life that time.


Christa made a big difference in the world. She taught everyone a lot of things. For example, to be brave. It was hard for Christa to go to space just like that. Don't you think it would be hard for her family? She had to be a role model for her children. I would feel pretty scared if I was going to space and leave my family.

Christa also never gave up. Like in training. I bet it was very hard for her because she didn't know a lot about spaceships and space. But she always tried her hardest. Her family looked up to her and so did a lot of other people.

Christa also taught people to follow their dreams. She always followed her dream. Even when she was really little she dreamed of going to space. She worked hard to have the opportunity. Even if it didn't go well for her. She was a great person to look up to for a lot of people.

Christa is a great person to everybody. She did a lot of good things in her life time. She took risks which made her a great person. I thought she was really brace to go into a rocket. Don't you think? Christa is a great person in history.


Astronomy- The science that deals with the study of the universe and the objects in it, including stars, planets and nebulae.

Ordinary- commonly encountered, usual, and normal.

Application-A request, as for a job or admittance to a school.

Adventurous-Fond of adventure.

NASA-An abbreviation of National aeronautics and Space Administration.

Finalist-A contestant in the final session of a competition.

Risk-The possibility of suffering harm, loss or danger.