6 Major characteristics of a Animal

Science Class 3rd hour

1. Move to place to place

Animals can move to place to place and can get use to there new homes.

2. Can reproduce sexually

Animals can reproduce sexually all through there life.

3.Animals Digest there food

Animals just like us digest there food on there own.

4. Animals have many-cells.

Animals can have millions or billions of cells. They have a lot of cells through out there whole body. Most animals have 13-trillion cells

5. Animal cells have a nucleus and organelles

Organelles are tiny structures that do very specific things within cells. Animals have a nucleus also like humans

6. Animals depend on other living things in the environment for food.

House animals depend on there owners most of the time to feed them there food. But animals out in the wild depend on mother nature and the environment to feed them. The environment has to grow plants,give water it needs to produce things that animals can eat off of.