The Power of Words

Words hold power that can influence and benefit others

Words Are influential

The power of words Can influence a person to lie, help, fool, etc. other people. Words signify the power to communicate with other people and can be used to convey emotions, fears, and other things to the point where someone may want to aid you in some shape, way, or form. Words are also used to convince others to help you when you are in need, whether just asking or begging.

Words Are Powerful

“Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.”
-Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the wind
... Words Have their own way of becoming important in every book. They shape the story-- The way they interact, the way they feel emotion or passion, from love and joy to envy and passion. Such as Much Ado About Nothing-- The way Claudio mourns after hero has supposedly died. You can tell he cared about her, by the emotion you can feel him saying it in the quote, "Done to death by slanderous tongues, was the hero that here lies. Death, in guerdon of her wrongs, Gives her fame which never dies. So the life that died with shame Lives in death with glorious fame."
The power of words can also be found in famous plays like Romeo and Juliet-- Their love story can be exemplified by the way they communicate with each other, The way they express their feelings through words of eternal love.
The two can be compared in one simple way-- words have power to express the way imaginary characters (or even real ones) communicate and express their ways toward each other. They are the way That we show each other how we feel about these things in our life that may joyful or unpleasant.
We can apply these feelings to our lives by making sure to communicate to each other and open up to each other more-- the way they do in books. Words have very influential power, as i have stated before- and they can help us cope and deal with things. both personal and things as a group matter. Words are power.

Creators: Jaylen Crawford, Steven Campbell & Blake Collins