The Baseball Player Who Bragged

A Fable by Bennett Tuel

Their once was a great baseball player named George. He was only eight, but he was the best player in the league. He always bragged to his friends, and his teammates. Eventually they got into the state wide tournament, they did very good and made it to the championship game. Although George's teammates where exited about it, they did not want to play, because they knew that George would brag even more if he won the state championship game. So right before the game, George's teammates faked injuries. George fell for it, and told his teammates," I don't need you guys, I an two times as better than all of you combined!" So, George got on the field, and started to play in the big game. The team was good, but George's team could've won, but George had to play, pitcher, catcher, first base, second base, short stop, third base, and all of the out field positions. After eight long hours, the game was finally over, and the other team won 86-0.


As one person, you can do some things, but as a team, you can do anything.