Staff Update

Week at a Glance

Monday, September 19th

Tuesday, September 20th

Sivanne leaves at 3:30

Wednesday, September 21st

8:15: Community Gathering with Staff and Students

1:15 - 5:15: Wednesday Professional Development and Grade Level Planning

Book Swap Day!

Thursday, September 22nd

Friday, September 23rd

Out: Sara Scott, Michelle

Teressa arrives around 9 AM; Todd leaves at 2:30

This Week's Events

Wednesday Professional Development Schedule

Below is the schedule for this week's PD and Professional Development Session:

1:15 - 1:45: Staff Check-in

  • Brief talk about Grade Level Planning Time and Book Swap

1:45 - 2:45: Powerschool Training

2:45 - 3:45: Grade Level Planning

3:45 - 5:15: F&P Assessment Training and Fox Adds Up Training

Click here for the link to the Wednesday Planning and Professional Development Draft as well to see future events.

Book Swap This Wednesday

Bring your favorite summer reads for a book swap during Wednesday Professional Development and Planning Time! We will set up the swap at the beginning of Wednesday professional development time. Please feel free to bring and take as many books as you would like.

Mini-Observations Begin

Brooke and Michelle will begin doing mini-observations of classrooms starting this week. They will come in to each classroom for 5-15 minutes to observe and will give some brief feedback on their observations. It will be exciting to see all the great work that is happening across the school!

Sign Up for Your Next Coaching Session

Second coaching sessions for teachers who work with Brooke and Michelle will happen over the next two weeks. For these meetings, we will check in to see how the beginning of the year is going and set up the next round of coaching cycles. Please bring your three goals (1 personal, 1 professional, and 1 learning goal) with you to look at together.

Below are the sign-ups for coaching sessions:

Coaching Sessions with Brooke

Coaching Sessions with Michelle


Google Calendar Sharing

Over the next day or two, you will be invited to a few calendars to keep on your Google Calendar. Please accept the invitation so that you can see important dates for grade level planning meetings, CST/IEP meetings, and unit start and end dates. Thanks!

Afternoon Snacking

Afternoon grab and go snack seems to be a hit amongst the kids so far! Here are some reminders and suggestions for next week:

1. One snack per child per day if the child wants it. Some children may not want an afternoon snack and that's fine.

2. For grades that do not have specials at the end of the day: consider setting up a snack station for kids to go to when they are hungry. You are not required to sit down and have snack together. First grade has specials until the end of the day so they have made other arrangements.

3. We do not serve afternoon snack on Wednesdays.

4. Next monday you will receive the next round of snacks to last through October 21st.

Mark Your Calendars: Upcoming Education Events in the NYC Area

New Victory Theater Presents How Do You Move? A Workshop in Creative Movement

Friday, September 30, 2016 from 4:30pm - 6pm

Held in the New 42nd Street Studio Building,

229 West 42nd Street, NY, NY

Join us for a workshop that explores and celebrates the way that you move! Inspired by this season’s production of Chotto Desh, have fun learning inventive physical warm-ups for all bodies, and dance-ifying the moments and stories that make you, you! No previous dance experience required.

SPECIAL INVITATION!: Join us after the workshop for a performance ofTwenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea at 7pm. Please indicate below if you would like a ticket (limit of 1 ticket per teacher). We have a limited number of tickets available and will provide them on a first-respond basis.

Teachers College Reading and Writing 91st Saturday Reunion

Saturday, October 22nd

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

For one Saturday in both the spring and the fall, the TCRWP opens its doors to thousands of educators from all over the country. We offer keynotes and closings by renowned authors and leaders in the field of education, senior Project staff, including Lucy Calkins and all TCRWP staff developers. On this day, over 125 workshops will be presented on topics such as: developing state of the art classroom libraries, supporting units of study, managing workshop instruction, teaching K-2 kids to write persuasive speeches and reviews, argument reading and writing, the best new fiction books, guided reading, phonics, writing about reading, using learning progressions to ratchet up the level of teaching, and more.

Saturday Math at Bank Street College of Education

Saturday, October 22nd

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

$10 registration fee

Developing Problem Solving Strategies and Habits of Mind
In this session we will explore, reflect on and refine our own problem solving strategies and habits of mind. By engaging in the work of problem solving as adults, we will consider how to foster flexible and powerful problem solving in our students.