Robotics-Mechanical Engineer

Dante' A. Watts 2nd Period

My Future

I've chosen to be a Auto-Mechanical Engineer for General Motors (GM) with a salary of $80,600.00. I want to live in Fort Worth. I want to live in Fort Worth because it has lots of history, fun places, nice schools/people, and nice houses. I will probably have a wife and maybe 2-3 kids, a 2-story house, and 2-3 cars. I want to also have my own garage, to build my OWN cars one day. (or change other cars) It will be a separate garage from the house, so no one else gets hurt. Ill have a backyard pool and live close to downtown. Ill have an Ifiniti, and a re-built car that'll look like a futuristic car. Ill build my own too like i said, so ill have more than 2 cars.. So yea, that's how i see myself.