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Somethings to think to about? what legacy will you leave?

Right now it’s very “trendy” to be an entrepreneur.

It’s “cool” to have your own business or to operate as an independent contractor.

Overall I think it’s great because it stimulates the economy, moves people towards doing things they enjoy for work and lots of other wonderful outcomes.

The part that scares me is that it seems more and more the motivations for becoming an entrepreneur are simply selfish driven rather than selfless driven.

More and more it feels like the entrepreneur community heavily promotes becoming independently rich, being free from having to work, acquiring material possessions, and not being tied to the responsibility of working with other people as the primary motivations for starting a business.

I am all about making more money having nice things and creating a lifestyle you love but now that I have two boys that are older at 25 and 22 I have really had a lot of time to think about what is really important and about those years with them that I can't get back and what things I would do differently. Maybe it is because I just turned 51 but I find myself thinking about what will they remember about me one day. To me, it's important to leave a legacy with them that i would be proud of.

Not only do I want them to remember me as building a long term sustainable, scalable and satisfying business, but I hope they remember me as a person who solved my customer’s problems, helping people in general, and providing amazing opportunities for others whether it is with my hostesses , best customers or team members.

Material rewards are the byproduct of doing good business; they aren’t healthy sole motivations for having a business.

For me personally, I’m not inspired by people who are millionaires. I’m inspired by people who have been able to help create millionaires all around them and I mean millionaires in the lose sense of the term. At times I feel like a millionaire in many ways today because of my relationship with my older boy as adults. What would make you feel like a millionaire?

That is the vision for UBAM and the Tractor's Team. It's the one reason we seem to be growing so fast. We’re not working for anyone; we’re working with each other. It's hard as we do events or parties where we don't make much money as, "Gosh, that was a lot of work for so little pay" but when we think about the lives we have changed because we choose to be there at that one event at that one place, that is all that matters.

Somehow and we never know how, that one action for showing up at that event blessed another person and that is the LEGACY that we want to leave with our children.

And any entrepreneur who has truly “made it” will teach you two things about money:

  1. It really doesn’t take that long before you have enough money (and individual recognition and awards for that matter) that it highly diminishes in its power to motivate you. I have earned so many trips and yes, they are very FUN- but if you want to know what REALLY MOTIVATES ME TODAY- Taking team members with me on these trips. This month is the start of the NEW trip requirements and I don't care where we go, but I would love to take each of with me. I really want you to experience the "success" that I have experienced with Usborne but I can't do it for you. (that is the hardest part, but what motivates me everyday is to see you succeed)
  1. When it comes to making money, what really matters is your amount of “investable income” and not the amount of nice cars in your driveway. We invest in our families with our money and our time. Think about it, what do you want to "invest" in today?

The healthy types of ambition that are never satisfied however include things like seeing other people succeed, creating products and services that shape the way the world operates, and developing a legacy of younger leaders around you to pass the business onto someday.

So, I love entrepreneurs, independent contractors, and business owners and I love working with each of you because I just love seeing your succeed.

What legacy will you leave? what is your mission statement? for your lives and/or for your business? Have you really ever thought about it?

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* information for this post was taken from- Roy Vaden- Daily Discipline Blog (author of Take the stairs- a book we received at convention 2 years ago.

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