Registration Information

This is for current 9th Graders (upcoming 10th graders)

Registration Paperwork

IMPORTANT - Must be returned

Course Request Form - Green paper where you must indicate the courses you are requesting for next year. 8 total credits. Include 4 alternates. The form must be signed by a parent or it will not be accepted.


SHS Core Courses and Electives 2016-2017 - This form includes everything taught at SHS. Refer to it when deciding what courses you want to take.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) - Answers to the top 15 questions asked by students and parents.

Credit Sheet - Use your transcript to write down the classes that you have passed. You can update this sheet every semester. It will help you keep up with what you still have left to take in order to graduate

Only If Needed

Course Override Request - If you want to take a class out of sequence (e.g. AP Biology/Genetics without first taking Chemistry) then your parent must complete and sign this form acknowledging that they understand you are not taking the recommended course and you will not be removed from the course if you do not perform well.

PreAP & AP Application and Teacher Recommendation - You must have the signatures of 2 teachers who agree that you are prepared for the rigor of an advanced class. This is only for those students who are requesting PreAP or AP courses.

Fee Waiver - Your parents complete this form only if you are on free or reduced lunch and are not able to pay the fees associated with some of your requested courses. This form is given to the bookkeeper in the main office.

Contact Information

Jamel Thomas, S9GS Counselor

Donna Halcomb, SHS Counselor