SIG at Yale University 2014

Global Minds, Heart and Friendships!

Notes From the Director...Rosemary

Hello! Our first week has been full of studies and activity. Friendships have formed between students from India, Russia, Ukraine, China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, New Jersey, Greece, Canada, France, Mozambique, Turkey, Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil, Taiwan, Puerto Rico and of course America! Luminous minds are leaping into the cosmos, pharmacology, immortality, bioengineering, algorithms, the brain and dreaming, globalization, crime scene investigation, Rube Goldberg competitions, time travel and more. Our days are filled with intense subject matter and when classes are finished the students engage in fun activities coordinated by the gloriously talented Student Activities Coordinator, Sean, who is loved by all.

This week , along with Brain Bowl and other evening activities, students enjoyed watching the staff put on a talent show. Who knew that they possessed such musical and performing abilities. Students listened to a soulful saxophone and piano jazz duet, side-splitting-hilarious skits, virtuoso piano solos, a seriously funny dead-pan delivery of a Justin Bieber poetry dramatization , a German stand-up comedy act , a fluidly choreographed interpretive dance, melodious, inspiring and moving vocal solos and an opera performance that resulted in a standing ovation from the student audience.

Saturday's field trip to Mystic Aquarium and Mystic Seaport captured the excitement and curiosities of those who cringed but could not stay away from touching the stingrays, wondered at the whales, admired the sea lions and appreciated the by-gone representations of Mystic Village. The students enjoyed the shopping in Mystic Seaport and later welcomed the chartered bus ride back to Yale followed by a well appreciated time to relax and watch favorite movies in the evening.

Sunday's Fun-day was a huge success ...Soccer on the green, green grass of Yale, water games, walk and talk, reverse scavenger hunt, kickball on the court, and evening tutorials.

Whatever is going on, SIG Yale students are truly exemplary throughout the day. The students have received many many compliments for their excellent behavior and decorum at the Mystic Aquarium, at the Mystic shops , in the Yale Dining Hall and even the Yale Security officers on the campus.

Finally, a gentle reminder that even though our physical office may be closed for a meal, we will forward the number to a cell phone. We do not want to miss your call! In the event that we do miss you, we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you!

Student Talent Show

Sunday, July 13th, 7:30pm

SSS (Sheffield Sterling Strathcona) located at 1 Prospect Street, Yale University, New Haven, CT 06511

You are invited to the once-in-a-lifetime Best Show on Earth where students will showcase their talents in music, song, dance, recitations and acting! This moment is one you will cherish and remember for a long time. See you all there!

Final Performance

Wednesday, July 16th, 7:30pm

SSS (Sheffield Sterling Strathcona) located at 1 Prospect Street, Yale University, New Haven, CT 06511

An evening of Theater, Improv and Dance.

Closing Ceremoney

Thursday, July 17th, 5:30-6:30pm

SSS (Sheffield Sterling Strathcona) located at 1 Prospect Street, Yale University, New Haven CT 06511

Students are acknowledged for their participation in SIG followed by a slide show by the Student Activities Coordinator.

Student Departure

Friday, July 18th, 8:15am-12pm

SIG Yale Berkeley College campus

Farewells, autographs and hugs. Students must depart by 12:00 Noon. See you all next year!