Effects of Drilling for Oil

Sam Liggett & Keira Howell

Background information on the Oil Spill BP

The oil that spewed into the Gulf was an unprecedented environmental disaster that continues to devastate local communities. It will be years before we understand the full extent of the damage. The bipartisan commission appointed by President Obama in the wake of the Gulf oil disaster found that the disaster was not a one-time fluke, but a result of systemic failures in government oversight and industry management.


How the 21st century issue is related to The Tragedy of the Commons

Marine life that become coated in crude oil can die from mechanical smothering. Birds' feathers lose their waterproofing, causing them to die from hypothermia. Many breeds of fish and marine mammals die after ingesting oil-coated food. Farther away from a spill, animals become disoriented and exhibit other behavior changes after breathing volatile organic compounds carried by ocean currents

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