District 34 Board of Education

Highlights from the April 23, 2018 Meeting

News Briefs

The following provides a recap of some of the more notable or important items that were discussed, presented to, or acted on by the Board of Education. A full copy of the agenda can be found by clicking here.

District 34 Hires Assistant Principal, Student Services Administrator

Following Monday’s Board approval, two familiar faces to Glenview District 34 were approved to fill critical leadership positions within the Westbrook and Glen Grove communities.

Starting July 1, Stefanie Shefler will join the district as the Assistant Principal of Westbrook and Rebecca Brown will join the district as the Student Services Administrator for Westbrook and Glen Grove.

The hiring of these positions follow the departures of the Student Services Coordinator for Early Childhood as well as the Westbrook/Glen Grove Student Services Coordinator. In considering how to best support all students at Westbrook, the district decided to restructure the Student Services Coordinator for Early Childhood into an Assistant Principal role while still hiring to fill the vacated Student Services Coordinator position shared by both buildings.

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Administration Provides Update on SEL Curriculum

Director of Student Services Mary Geraghty and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction Beth Tsoumas provided the Board of Education with an update on the implementation of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in the district.

Social Emotional Learning is based on the Illinois Social Emotional Learning Standards. Geraghty noted that studies show students who regularly participate in social emotional learning score 10 percent higher on achievement tests and discipline problems are cut in half. More importantly, instruction and common expectations across settings increases students’ prosocial skills, improves attitudes towards school and reduces depression and anxiety, she said.

Overall, the district’s goal is that students will apply what they are learning across all subjects, in all activities, throughout the school day and in life.

Looking specifically at this year, a major focus has been bringing consistency across the district. Each schools’ MTSS/Foundations team has committed to a three year cohort training from Randy Spriks’ Safe and Civil Schools and there will be alignment of instructional resources for staff and students. In addition, staff and students in grades 3-8 recently participated in the Safe and Civil School Climate Survey. Next year, parents from grades K - 8 will be asked to participate in the survey.

"Social Emotional Learning is a forever evolving process that needs to be a component of every school’s improvement plan," Geraghty said. "Having the data from these surveys will directly drive the development of those plans."

Superintendent Reflection

*The Superintendent has a standing agenda item each month to share reflections, important updates, notable achievements and other high priority items with the Board. This section includes highlights of that communication.

Middle School Schedule & Superintendent Transition Plan

Middle School Time and Learning Taskforce

A 12-member task force has been working since September on examining our middle school schedule, more specifically looking at the way we deliver instructional services and how we coalesce ourselves around the needs of our students. Throughout this process, our overarching goal has been to identify what the ideal day would look like for a middle school student without any boundaries.

Over the last six months, we reviewed our current schedule, developed a teaching and learning vision, and created a portrait of our ideal graduate, all to help demonstrate what our eighth graders need to know in order to be successful individuals and be best prepared for their desired future. We also gathered feedback from staff in terms of hopes and fears and utilized their input to identify key priorities that should go into a new schedule.

We are now at a point where we need more time before making any changes to the middle school schedule. To take all of this meaningful work and simply rush through it in order to have something in place for the fall would be a mistake. Therefore, we are targeting the 2019-2020 school year for any potential changes. I will keep the Board abreast of this work.

Superintendent Transition Plan

As you may recall, in the fall I presented my Superintendent Transition Plan. Since then, I have been busily working on activities, with the plan concluding in January. The Board has been provided a written report of those activities, and in May I will provide a summary of that report to the public.

May Board of Education Meeting

Monday, May 21st, 7:30pm

1401 Greenwood Road

Glenview, IL

Meeting agendas are posted and available for public viewing the Friday prior to any upcoming Board of Education meeting. Please click here to find the most recent and all past Board agendas.

Meet the Board of Education

Glenview District 34 is governed by a seven-person Board of Education that consists of the following individuals:

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