VES Eagle Express Newsletter

MAY 29, 2021 - Vol.14, Issue #39

SY2020-2021: Saturday Weekly Circular

Veterans Elementary Student Day Hybrid Schedule 9:45a.m - 4:15p.m.


Robert Bruce, Principal -

Amy Green, Assistant Principal -

Kelly Ryan, Administrative Intern -

Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:25 p.m.
Please call ahead 410-313-1700


Youmi Jun, Principal Secretary -
Jane Pak, Teacher Secretary -
Maria Martinez, Teacher Secretary -
Dulce Boyer, Teacher Secretary .5 -

Send Student Attendance-related notifications directly to:

(i.e. student will be absent due to illness, appointments, religious, or travel obligations)

Send Dismissal Change Notifications by 2:00pm:

Please send any dismissal changes for the day no later than 2:00 p.m. to Include the student's name, date(s), and the details of the changes (ex: will be a car rider instead of the bus).

Please also cc the homeroom teacher on the email.


Para información y apoyo adicionales, por favor, llame al 410-313-1591.

欲知详情或想获得更多支持,请电 410-313-5920.

보다 자세한 문의와 지원을 원하시면, 410-313-1592 로 연락 주시기 바랍니다.

For all other language needs please contact Monica Ranta at 410-313-7102.


Classes For Next Year

Much like other schools, we group students for the following year using reading and math data. We further review class lists to ensure how we can service the myriad of needs in our school ranging from second language learners, IEP's, and 504 accomodations. This is done to ensure that teachers who service these caseloads can service them in an efficient and effective way.

We can not guarantee that students will receive a specific teacher. The teacher may or may not return next year, the teacher may be reassigned for the next year, or the teacher may not have groupings which accommodate your child.

Parents are always free to send an email to Mr. Bruce to express placement concerns with Mr. Bruce. Please understand that while I will read all emails, I may not be able to accommodate a specific request. Class placements are done to facilitate instructional and social emotional needs of children but instructional needs are generally the guiding factor. Your email will be acknowledged, however class placements are not shared until they are posted in Canvas the week before school starts. You may email Mr. Bruce at . Emails sent for this reason should be received by Mr. Bruce no later than June 30th.

Robert C. Bruce
Principal- Veterans Elementary School

Perform Daily Health Checks

Parents/guardians should keep their children home if they are experiencing symptom(s) associated with any communicable disease. In addition, parents/guardians are to perform daily health checks for COVID-19 symptoms before the student leaves home.

Carloop Etiquette

If you are choosing to drive your child to school and participate in the carloop, we ask that you adhere to the following in order to keep our students safe and keep the line moving along:

· Pull all the way forward

· Parents are to remain in the vehicle at all times

· Children are to exit and enter the vehicle from the passenger side (closest to the curb)

· Children should be able to buckle and unbuckle themselves from car seats/ seatbelts (practice having your child do this at home). If your child is unable to do so, please park in a parking space to unbuckle your child and walk them to the portico

· Stay in line – do not pass to jump in front of other cars while waiting or make a u-turn out of the line

· Avoid blocking the intersection where buses turn into their loop

Thank you for following these guidelines in order to have our carloop run efficiently and safely.



31 - Schools and Offices Closed: Memorial Day (State mandated holiday)


1 - Spirit Day #1: (S) Be Safe like Spirit: Wear Spirit Wear or red, white, and blue

2 - Spirit Day #2: (O)Organized: Each grade wears a different color

3 - Spirit Day #3: (A) Act Responsibly: Always get plenty of sleep - Pajama Day

4 - Sprit Day #4: (R) Be Respectful: Race to Respect - Wear athletic clothes

8 - Last Day of School for half-day PreK/RECC Students

10 thru 15 - 3-Hour Early Dismissal for Students: Staff Professional Work Days

15 - Last Day for All Student: Staff Professional Work Day


Diversity of Student Population

HCPSS is committed to providing an educational and work environment that is free from discrimination, fosters equitable opportunities, and values diversity and commonality. Policy 1010 Anti-Discrimination prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, immigration status, religion, physical, mental, or educational disability, pregnancy, age, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or socioeconomic status.

HCPSS ensure the safety, comfort, and healthy development of LGBTQIA+ students.

Here at Veterans Elementary School, we celebrate the diversity of our students and are here to support students’ healthy and happy social and emotional well-being.

Any questions or concerns? Please contact your child’s school counselor and/or administrator.

For more information on HCPSS policy and supports, please visit:

SOAR Spirit Week June 1 - 4

We will be celebrating our SOAR Spirit Week next Week. Here are the themes for each day 🙂.

6/1: Be Safe like Spirit: Wear Spirit Wear or red, white, and blue

6/2: Organized: Each grade wears a different color

    1. RECC/PK - Yellow

    2. Kindergarten - Red

    3. 1st - Blue

    4. 2nd - White

    5. 3rd - Black

    6. 4th - Purple

    7. 5th - Green

6/3: Act Responsibly: Always get plenty of sleep - Pajama day

6/4: Be Respectful: Race to Respect - Wear athletic clothes


Parents, remember to send a BACKPACK daily with the following items:

  1. assigned chromebook
  2. charger
  3. headphones
  4. a refillable water bottle closed tightly

    Please remember to send your child to school with a refillable non-glass water container. Due to Co-VID guidelines, bottles may be filled at fountains but students may not drink from the fountains to help limit the spread of germs. With the weather getting hotter in the coming weeks, this is also essential at recess. Thank you for all you are doing with student health checks in the morning.

  5. child's *MASK for the day

*Reminder to wash these everyday when they come home.


5th Grade Drive-By Certificate Event - Friday, JUNE 11th 2pm-3pm!

We are not having our normal closing ceremony so don't miss this event! Come receive your certificate, snap some pictures with your teachers and take some goodies home! More specific details to follow soon.

We can't wait to celebrate your 5th grader! 5th Grade T-Shirts are on their way and should be here by the 1st week of June! Pick up info will be sent soon.

**Volunteers and Donations Needed**

Please consider volunteering and donating some items for this event.

Spiritwear Distribution

Amie House will be contacting each family to coordinate spiritwear distribution. Teacher orders will be placed in their mailboxes at school. Any questions, email Amie at

PTA Reimbursement Deadline - June 1

If any volunteers or staff who need to submit for reimbursement, please do so by June 1 so we can close our books for the year.

Reminder, the "classroom supplies" budget still has funds available for all staff to apply for reimbursement - up to $50 for full time staff and $25 for part time staff.

Join a Committee for next year!

Lend a hand! We need help with Whooo's Reading, the fall Book Fair, organizing Restaurant Nights, planning in person school parties, reserving assemblies for the kids, the Science Fair and lots of other ideas, Want to inquire more about one of them? Take a peek and email Kim Davis at if you want to learn more.

Join a PTA meeting - June 8- 7pm

We meet once a month to discuss community building events, fundraising, and county wide school updates. If you are interested in learning more about the PTA, please join us. You must be a member to attend meetings. Need to join, here is the link:

Our next meeting is via Zoom.

Tuesday June 8 - 7pm

Meeting ID: 968 5653 3528
Passcode: 810631

Join the PTA:

Follow us on Facebook:

ATTENTION 5th Grade Parents - MIDDLE SCHOOL PTA's need your help next year!

Ellicott Mills PTA - may not be active next year without more volunteers

Click here for the form to fill out if you are able to help next year!

Dunloggin Middle School

For a list of all open roles and responsibilities visit If you don’t want to join the board, consider taking on a coordinator role for an event (Fall Social/Fun Day, Movie night, Talent Show, Diversity Night, Restaurant Night). We need you! If you have any questions about the open positions or responsibilities, feel free to contact us at


Do not buy a yearbook from TreeRing unless you are a 5th grader. There will only be a 5th grade memory book this year. No other grades will purchase yearbooks this year.

Join the PTA:

Follow us on Facebook:

ATTENTION 5th Grade Parents - MIDDLE SCHOOL PTA need your help next year!


For a list of all open roles and responsibilities visit If you don’t want to join the board, consider taking on a coordinator role for an event (Fall Social/Fun Day, Movie night, Talent Show, Diversity Night, Restaurant Night). We need you! If you have any questions about the open positions or responsibilities, feel free to contact one of the Nominating Committee members listed below or email Thank you for your participation in this process and your willingness to serve. Our kids deserve the best educational experience we can provide them.

Ellicott Mills Middle School PTA

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Find Answers to Questions Online

HCPSS’ Help site provides answers to hundreds of questions about hybrid learning, health and safety, transportation, and more.


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Mobile Testing Sites

Howard County is dedicated to expanding COVID-19 testing to residents in our community who many not have adequate access. First Call Urgent Care and Centennial Medical Group are implementing four mobile testing units in the following locations:

  • Long Reach Village Center (Monday, 3pm-7pm)
  • North Laurel Community Center (Tuesday, 3pm-7pm)
  • Recreation and Parks Headquarters (Thursday, 3pm-7pm)
  • The Elkridge 50+ Center (Friday, 3pm-7pm)

Rapid testing and PCR testing will be available to residents at no cost. These new testing sites will help us promote more equitable healthcare and ensuring our most vulnerable populations have access to COVID-19 testing.

Message from Media Center:

  • Thursday April 29 is the last day for virtual students to pick up book requests in the vestibule.
  • Please return any media books you have at home to the media center as soon as possible.
  • Books from last year are no longer listed on your child's account, but we still need them returned. If you find a VES media book, please drop it off in the bin in the vestibule any day of the week.
  • Hybrid students can return books any day of the week and do not need to wait for their media day.

If you have any questions, please email your media specialist,

HCPSS COUNSELING SERVICES for Students, Families, and Staff

The COVID-19 pandemic has made this an especially stressful time for many, especially those already impacted by mental health concerns. Find information about local and online resources for counseling and mental health supports for you and your family on our website.

VES School Counseling Department

School Counselors:

Ms. Wilson (K and 4th):

Ms. Wentz (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th):

We are available to support the school community.

Please reach out to schedule consultation time.

If you have an immediate need for help with depression, suicidal thoughts, or other serious

mental health issues, please contact:

Grassroots Crisis Intervention at 410-531-6677

The Maryland Crisis Hotline: Dial 211 and then choose option 1

The Crisis Text Line: Text 741741 and a trained counselor will respond.

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255

VES School Psychologists

We are here to help you!

Debra Moniodis (School Psychologist, Infants and Toddlers):

Michal Boyars (School Psychologist, RECC):

Katie Burkhouse (School Psychologist, K-5):

Kristen Marsico (School Psychologist Intern, K-5):

School psychologists are available for parent and staff consultation by level. Please reach out via email to schedule an appointment!


Hello VES Community!! One of our local partners is looking for families to provide food to. Food can be picked up at St. Peter's Episcopal in Ellicott City. If you are interested, please fill out the Pete's Packs Sign Up and we will be in touch with more details. Thank you!!

Julie Chang Wentz, M.Ed, NCC
School Counselor
Veterans Elementary School

2021 HCPSS Meal Service

HCPSS Meal Service update as of May 10, 2021

Meals are provided at no cost to any HCPSS student or any child under age 18. More information about 2020-2021 meal services is provided online.

FARMS Applications: Applications for the Free and Reduced Meals program for the school year 2020-2021 are available online in multiple languages and paper copies are available at all meal sites, effective 9/8/20. Please use this document for strategies for increasing FARMs awareness and participation.

COMCAST Internet

To help connect more families to the internet at home, Comcast is offering two months of free internet to new Internet Essential customers. more information


MOVING into VES: FILLABLE_VES RequestforRecords.pdf
We can assist you to obtain student records from their prior school by filling out the

Request for Records form and emailing it back to the registrar.

MOVING AWAY/ Withdraw from VES: FILLABE_Withdrawal form

Please initiate the process by filling out the HCPSS Withdrawal Form and email it back to the registrar.

Helping Your Child Get Ready for Kindergarten

Kindergarten teachers are prepared for children to enter school with varying abilities, strengths and needs. Each child is taught at their appropriate level through differentiated instruction. Learn more what your child will learn in kindergarten.

Review the 2021 Road to Kindergarten slideshow for information about kindergarten readiness, the kindergarten program, and registering your child for school. Prior to kindergarten there are many things parents can do to support their child’s transition to school. From making sure appropriate documentation is gathered, to playing with, reading with and listening to their child, the year before kindergarten is a great opportunity to develop school readiness!

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Learning Together Program (LTP)– Prekindergarten

Learning Together Program – Prekindergarten

The Veterans Regional Early Childhood Center (RECC) prekindergarten programs are making preparations for classes for the upcoming 2021-22 school year. These classes include children with and without disabilities. The program’s focus is helping all children develop communication, literacy, math, problem solving, motor, and social skills. Parents of children who will be 3 by September 1st or are already 4 may learn more about the program by reviewing the Learning Together Program (LTP) Flyer (English).
Online applications will be accepted starting February 22, 2021 and priority will be given to applications received by April 1st. Link to application:

If you need assistance to complete the application, please contact Early Intervention Services at or at 410-313-7017.

HCPSS is committed to providing instruction based on the statewide Early Learning Standards which are in alignment with Kindergarten Readiness. The fees listed in the application will be collected monthly regardless of the learning model determined by HCPSS throughout the upcoming school year (virtual, hybrid, or in person). If you have any additional questions , please contact Mary Jens at (410) 313-1700 or .


    Devices may be picked up, exchanged or returned at either of the following Technology Support Centers:

    • Old Bushy Park Elementary School, Room E2 (door to the left of the front entrance), 2690 Route 97, Glenwood (Building is between Glenwood Middle School and Bushy Park Elementary School)
    • Old Cedar Lane, Gymnasium (door on the left side of the building; follow the signs), 5451 Beaverkill Road, Columbia (Building shares a parking lot with Harper’s Choice Middle School)

    Note! Both locations are in old school buildings that are not located at the same sites as the new schools with similar names. Anyone seeking assistance should go to the locations listed above and not go to or call the current schools regarding the Technology Support Center.

    Hours of operation are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., and Tuesday and Thursday from 2-5 p.m. Please note that Technology Support Centers are closed any day that HCPSS offices are closed.

Full details