September 25, 2017

EMPOWERing students through personal inquiry, real-world experiences, and caring environment while challenging students to make a difference in our community.

Dear Empower Team Parent,

Over the last few days the EMPOWER Team has enjoyed getting to know your student. A typical EMPOWER day includes 3 blocks of classes, two exploratory classes, and lunch. Throughout the year we will be bringing in guest speakers and taking field trips to connect with our community. Within the EMPOWER team, we have created two smaller teams to help build relationships with our students and help them achieve their best. Meet the EMPOWER Team:


Mr. Mark Kenny - Math/Science

mkenny@cr.k12.ia.us; 558-4153

Mr. Joe Betts - Social Studies/Personalized Learning

cbetts@cr.k12.ia.us; 558-1458

Mrs. Christina Ditch - Level 1

cditch@cr.k12.ia.us; 558-1552

Mrs. Michele Wilson - Social Studies/Personalize Learning

mwilson@cr.k12.ia.us; 558-4242

Mrs. Mary Jo Swanson - Language Arts/Literacy

mswanson@cr.k12.ia.us; 558-4218

Mrs. Mary Reynolds - Social Studies/Personalized Learning

mreynolds@cr.k12.ia.us; 558-1811

Mrs. Marcia Miller - Math/Science

mmiller@cr.k12.ia.us; 558-4184

Mrs. Amanda Zebuhr - Level 1

azebuhr@cr.k12.ia.us; 558-1855

Mrs. Fanaye Kifletsadik - Language Arts/Literacy

fkifletsadik@cr.k12.ia.us; 558-3083