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Who am I ?

Hi, I am a student at Schlagle high school.

is the apple watch a tool in school?

How would the  Watch be useful in the classroom? Would it be a tool, or a distraction?

Apple Watch???

If the watch reaches the class room the question is, is it a tool?

The watch can remind you to do your work by setting a reminder in the reminders app and you can set dates for studying in calendars app and take totes in the notes app.

the watch could remember your due assignments and let you know so you can turn it in on time.

Is the Apple Watch in school possible?

The plan of having a watch in the classroom would require the same amount of iPhones with the watch. The apple watch only works with iPhone 5,5s,5c,6,6+. Not every student has an iPhone so the school would have to get the phones for the classroom as well as the apple watch. Not only would the school be buying a watch but they would have to buy the iPhone, but you can still pair the watch with the iPhone without service, so only the watch and iPhone would have to be present. no contract or bill, but the thought of having to purchase the iphone too is probably going too turn the district away from the idea.

Where in school is the Apple Watch?

Where would you see the apple watch? The  watch would most likely be with a more responsible group of students like freshman through seniors. Elementary students are still really young and don't understand how the school has invested in this technology to help them learn and could easily break the watch.