The Benefits Broadcast

April 2016


2,639 Calls... Avg caller wait time: 4 seconds, Avg Specialist "handle" time: 4:18 minutes

1,876 Emails to

1,186 Tier2 Cases in My Hub/PeopleSoft

405 Faxes received

133 Job Status Changes in Destiny

636 Destiny Enrollment Forms submitted

295 Benefit Termination Letters/Destiny

122 Leave of Absence Premium Due Invoices

100 Missing Information Letters/Destiny

In the News...

  • Utilizing the Employee Assistance Program

Just a reminder that employees and their families have access to a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Aetna. The EAP website is (Log in: AHS and PW: AHS).

Aetna's EAP resources include over 5,000 self-help web assist topics and includes free monthly webinars, free legal templates, a free online will kit, and a discount center, including coupons. The program also features 1-5 visits to meet various types of phone and face-to-face counseling needs, other legal and financial services and referral services, when needed.

Additional promotional materials, including posters, flyers and newsletters are available for those facilities who would like to remind employees about this resources offered by AHS, and available at no cost to employees!

Bizarre Trivia of the Day

Did you know Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire? There is no clear date of foundation, but teaching existed at Oxford in some form in 1096, and developed rapidly from 1167 on, when Henry II banned English students from attending the University of Paris.