The land of Argentina

by Lauren Uhde

The beautiful land of Argentina

The Land of Argentina is dived into four main reigions: The mounatinous region, the subtropical plain , the olateay and the furtile plains of the Pampas.

In the section known as the Chaco area it can be extermely hot. Int the Pampas the region has a mild climate and the Eatern section is generally more humid climate

The Triditions and Etiqettes of the people of Argentina

When greeting a native it's custom to keep the greeting formal and to follow a protocol , to greet the eldest or most important person first. And when you are shaking hands you must make direct eye contact, and have a welcoming smile, making eye contact with the person you are greeting shows you are interested.

When you are eating dinner you must be dressed nicely . Usually men wear jacket and tie and when wear a dress or a skirt. And you must watch you table manners ! wait for you host or hostess to tell you where to sit, hold your fork in left hand and your knife in your right hand while eating.


Argentina once was a very wealthy country , but suffered recurring problems in the economy and setbacks from the 20th century and the country had rescission from 2001-2002 the results of this left about 50 % of the population under the poverty line and the country is still trying to mend since that time , the country is still facing problems. The government is having problems but the employment is back up and the country is becoming rich from their natural resources.


Argentina and the United States are very different from one another, their geography and climate is much different from the United States while Argentina has generally a warm climate we have varieties of climates. The traditions and etiquette of the people of Argentina , they seems to have a very strong opinion of being very respectful and hold on to their traditions and economy wise they don't have the best. I rate this country D