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After a hectic schedule, as I get home after work, I whip together a turkey sandwich; pour a glass of wine, and sprawl over my favorite bean bag. Its dark outside, and I have a perfect view through my room. I light up my V2 cigs e cigarette. Inhale exhale with Sip of wine. An outdoorsy 24-year-old working girl, I take great care of myself. I live in Dallas and I enjoy delicious food. Few months back, I used to smoke 3 to 4 packet of cigarettes but now as I am more conscious about my health and beauty, I switched over e cigarettes. Now, I am a permanent customer of V2 cigs.

I started up my first V2 cigs e cigarette with its disposable kit and then I switched over its standard kit. And now, I am a satisfied and loyal customer of this kit. I enjoy all the flavors of this kit. The V2 Standard Kit includes all the essentials I need to get started enjoying my life smoke free. It is one of our most popular and affordable electronic cigarette starter kits I ever had.

My experience with V2 cigs standard kit Starter Kit was great. Now, Instead of pure Virginia tobacco, my nicotine craving is satisfied through this best electronic cigarette brand. I am really happy with my decision of switching to e cigarettes and looking forward to other products offered by this brand. Those people who are new in this industry, it is good for them to read customers reviews before buying any kit.