Role of a retail store manager

What is a store manager?

What does a Retail Store manager do?

A RETAIL MANAGER is a person responsible for the operations of a retail store. All employees working in the store report to the retail manager. A store manager reports to a district or general manager. Retail managers are responsible for the day-to-day stores or departments. Retail managers make sure that promotions are run accurately and to what the company is expecting. They make sure that the team is all working towards the target set for that day and that customer care standards are met.

To be a retail manager you would need:

-Excellent commutation skills

-Ability to be able to run a store and manager staff

-Committed and passionate about the job/brand and products

-Overseeing recruitment and training of staff

-Organising sales promotions and in-store events

-Controlling budgets and costs

-Keeping track of stock and ordering through computerising systems

-Serving customers when required

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Why do we need store managers? Well the role of a store manager is a full time leader for their opponents, so without them the store wouldn't be able to run properly. Retail store managers are expected to work 40 hours and week. However, during peak periods such as Christmas, sales and other seasonal holidays many managers work longer than 40 hours. The stores would open 7 days a week so that would mean if something had to get done they would have to do overtime, like late nights, weekend and bank holidays.

The opportunity's for a Retail manager would be processing into a senior retail management positions, this would be within three to five years.


A Retail store managers starting salaries range between £20,000 and £30,000 a year. You could also earn extra bonuses for sale targets.


Being a Retail Store manager is a full-time job, you would roughly work 37 and 40 hours a week. The hours are likely to include weekends and maybe evening, relying on the store's opening hours. You would split your time between the sales area and your office in the store.


Although this area of work is open to all graduates these subjects may increase your chances:

-Accounting and finance

-Business studies

-Fashion management


-Retail management

Walmart Store Management Positions

Skills/ Attributes for becoming a retail store manager




-Basic money managment

-Product knowledge

-Using spreadsheets

-Leadership skills



-Industry knowledge

-Customer support








-Dependability/ Reliability

-Leadership skills

-Good under pressure