The Ririe Report


This Week...


  • Division with one and two digit divisors
  • Division with decimals
  • Division word problem


  • Light Energy - lab to test translucent, transparent, opaque objects
  • Objects that reflect/refract light

I've been very pleased with student improvement with math facts. This week we will be working on dividing by 6. We do a daily 3 minute drill, then test on Fridays.

Here's a link to help students practice their multiplication/division facts.

D.O.G.S (Dads of Great Students)

We had a fun visit from one of our dads. Thanks for visiting our class, Mr. Casillas, you were very well behaved.
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Fall Conferences

Don't forget to sign up. Here's the link:

For those of you who have already signed up, I will be sending you my Zoom link this week.

Morning Meetings

Every morning, right after the pledge and announcements, all teachers at EGE spend time having a Morning Meeting with their students. Although we may all have different topics of discussion and formats, we all share the same goal: To connect and communicate with our students and provide a way by which our students feel heard and accepted.

We always start our meeting by having students arrange themselves in a circle and I have a different theme every day:

  • Mondays we set and talk about goals (they write those goals on a post-it note and put them on the wall)
  • Tuesdays we talk about things for which we are grateful and/or praise a good deed or kindness they saw someone do
  • Wednesdays I read from a book called Mistakes That Worked; it tells fascinating stories about everyday items that started out as the result of a mistake
  • Thursday we talk about hypothetical situations and share what they would do in those situations (I use a set of What If cards)
  • Fridays I like to post an inspirational clip or quote and we talk about it.

Note: Last week I noticed that a couple the children had made it their goal to find ways to help another person in our class. I thought that was so sweet.