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May 5, 2016

1st Grade Writer's Cafe

Sunday, May 8th, 8:45-9:30am

1C classroom

Please come to our Writer's Cafe! Students will share poetry they have written and a special song for Mother's Day!

A Note from Mrs. Thexton

Dear Parents,

Writers Cafe - Please Come!

Sunday, May 8, at 8:50 - 9:30, 1C will host our annual Writers Cafe. Students will share poems they wrote during our poetry unit and have a special song for Moms. I hope all parents will be able to join us!

End of ASAs

Next week will be the last week of ASAs. Thursday, May 12, will conclude all T3 ASAs and Labs.

End of Year Assessments

This week, students have participated in a pilot of MAP testing for 1st grade. Next week, students will complete the Gates-McGinitie reading test. Over the next few weeks, 1st grade teachers will also be completing end of year text reading level assessments, high frequency word reading, writing prompts and developmental spelling assessments. Students have grown by leaps and bounds this year and I am excited to see that demonstrated on these end of year assessments. Be make sure students are getting to bed early, having a good breakfast and are at school daily for these last 24 days of school!

A-Z Countdown

Believe it or not, we are in the final 30 days of school! We will celebrate the end of school year with an A-Z countdown of the last 26 days of school. This will begin on Wednesday, May 4. Each day will be represented by a special activity for each letter of the alphabet. Some days do require some planning from home, so there is a copy attached to the e-mail for your convenience.

ASD Fine Arts Show

Starting May 1st, enjoy 19 days of beautiful student artwork.

Random selections from PreK4-IB art are on display in the ES main corridor and the HS Fine Arts area so you may take a quick glance at what’s happening in the art rooms at ASD.

The students are very proud of the work they have created and we hope you take a moment to explore our galleries.


Tickets for Mulan are on sale in the elementary office for 20QR.

There are two shows: May 11 at 6:00pm and May 12 at 7:00pm.

Come on out and support ASD theatre.

Red Flag Days

We are entering the time of year with potential red flag recesses. Red flag occurs when the heat index (temperature + humidity) is above 38 degrees C. The nurses monitor this and place the red flag in the hallways, when appropriate, approximately 30 minutes prior to recess time. Students have the option of going to the library, signing up for indoor recess options (movement, MPR, building, quiet classroom for drawing/reading/puzzles) or go out to a covered play area. For the students who choose to be outside during recess, we remind them to stay in the shade, drink plenty of water, and to not be running around.

Dragon Card Top-Up

Parents can top up their child Dragon Account at our Campus Card Website.

Your username with be your Family Number located on your Parent ID badge and your password will be the same number. Then you just click on E-Account and Online Account Top Up.

There is also another option of topping up the account on campus through our kiosks located at the main administration and the high school cafeteria.

Signing-Out Students Early

Parents who would like to sign out their child early are asked to sign their child out at the office as well as get a gate pass first. The parent is then asked to present the pass to the teacher which allows the student to then be excused early from class. Students who leave early during a school day must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who has received a gate pass from the ES office. No student is permitted to leave school grounds before 2:55 p.m. unless they have a pass in hand. The school nurse may also issue a gate pass to the parent and will inform the ES Office that the student has been sent home for the day.

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Coming up after Spring Break

Professional Development - NO SCHOOL

Sunday, May 22nd, 8am-3pm

Al Bustan Street

Doha, Doha

Principal's Coffee

Tuesday, May 24th, 8am

ASD ES Presentation Room

Full Day Tuesday - Tuesday Morning Schedule PE for 1C

Tuesday, May 24th, 8am


Kelli Thexton

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.