HHS Library Quarterly Report

October-December 2014

Students read...

The chart below illustrates book circulations this quarter as they relate to second quarter last year as well as first quarter this year. Interestingly, the numbers across all three quarters are similar, and actually, there were slightly more checkouts during second quarter this year than last year. I am happy to see circulations staying steady, but I always feel like there are more things that can be done to encourage reading.
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To continue working towards having a collection that meets the needs of students, 33 books were purchased this quarter. Some of the titles are pictured below.
One of the events I held right at the end of the quarter to encourage reading was "A B4 School Event: Browse Books, Bring Breakfast" to showcase the books I purchased during the quarter. Students came to the back room of the library to take a look at the new books added to the collection. Although attendance wasn't great, it was a good chance for the "regulars" to see what is new. I hope to offer this event again after I get another shipment of new books.

Students use resources...

Research using the databases drastically increased this quarter. Below is a comparison:

1st quarter

EBSCO databases:

total SESSIONS=195

total SEARCHES=3902

Gale databases (Opposing Viewpoints in Context and Science in Context):

total SESSIONS=17


2nd quarter

EBSCO databases:

total SESSIONS=1134

total SEARCHES=8607

Gale databases:

total SESSIONS=294


It is good to see the databases being used for research. One thing I don't know is if most of this database research is happening in one or two classes or if it is happening across all subject areas. I will continue encouraging teachers to use the databases we have available as well as working with students to decide what sources to use and how to use them appropriately, whether they are using the databases or not.

The online library...

One significant addition I have made to the online library site this quarter is adding information for students in Model UN. By having resources, links, and GoogleDocs in one place where everyone has easy access, students that are a part of Model UN can find the information they need.

I will continue to work with teachers to make the library website as useful as possible, adding information that might be helpful for their classes.

What's next?

One thing I would like to work on this quarter, both online and in conversation with students, is helping them know what ebook resources are available to them. Although I don't see many students reading books on their iPads, because they have their iPads are so easily accessible, I want them to know what options are out there. There are several services available to them through the State Library and I need to do a better job of sharing that information.

One thing I would like to work on this quarter in the physical library is adding a "green screen" to the space. There is already a green screen in the Audio Visual room, but because that space is used for a class and is sometimes not available, I'm not sure how much the green screen is being used. I don't want to reinvent the wheel, but I think having a green screen in the open space of the library could expand what students can do and create with their iPads.

At some point during the quarter, I saw this post by Melanie Lewis on Twitter:

"What do teacher librarians do? A-E-I-O-U: Teach students to Access, Evaluate, Integrate, Originate, & Use information."

I think this is a great description of how I try to support teachers and students in the learning process. It is my ultimate goal each quarter!