Online Safety

Listen up, it could save your friendships


Some photos can be offensive to some people, like taking a photo of somebody asleep, or just doing something embarrassing in general. It can be funny at first, but if posted to public websites or social media, it can ruin friendships or family. It can offend people by religion, racism or sexism, or appearance from photoshop and making them look 'off'.
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Cyber Bullying Through Texting or Social Media

If you get mad by someone or something, Don't post any offending comments or words. It might hurt them in a less than pleasant way. It could make people sad and leave the city or neighbourhood. Some examples are

"Hey, i saw your recent test scores, your so stupid and ugly you loser!"

This is not simply relevant and can hurt people

Safe Web Surfing: Top Tips for Kids and Teens Online
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