George Washington

First President

George Washington

G -George was born on February 22, 1732 Westmoreland, County, VA

E - Educated at home studying through local church.

O - Oh how he fought! Hew was a patriot Commander of Virginia troops.

R - Right hand men who stood behind him through thick and thin like Thomas Jefferson, Mr.& Mrs. Fairfax, Henry Knox, John Parke Curtis and let’s not forget Marquis De Lafayette, just to name a few.

G - George mastered in Math, Geography, Latin and English. Loved growing tobacco, raising stock and surveying the land.

E -Enemy to the British!

W -Was a brave leader and Confidant in his Country.

A -Augustine Washington was his father who died when he was 11.

S -Served as General and Commander in Chief of the Colonial armies during the American Revolution.

H - Had two step children who he cared for as his own.

I -Image is on the one dollar bill because he was our first American President (1789-1797).

N - Naughty or nice? Did George really cut down that cherry tree?

G - George was married to Jane Buttler and Mary Ball Custis

T - Trained along with his men during the war

O -Only lived to be 67 years old (died of pneumonia at his home at Mt. Vernon)

N - Never would we have had the allies we have today who helped us to have peace from the French and Indian War without him.


Created By:

Lionell Avant

Jordan Pralle