The Natural state

Basic facts

Capital: little rock

US Region: southeast

State song: you run deep in me

State insect: Honeybee

State gemstone: diamond

Ranking of statehood: (25)

Nickname: the natural state

Bauxite Rock

Bauxite rock is not a mineral it is a rock as in the name Bauxite Rock. Almost all of the aluminum that has ever been made has been made by the Bauxite Rock.

Mississippi River

The area is 48,434 square miles (125,444 The land is 46,914 square miles (121,507

Maganize Moutain

The Magazine Mountain is 2,753 feet (839 m.). The Magazine Mountain is the tallest mountain in the southeast.

Arkansas disaster

1811 New Madrid earthquake, 1927 flood,2008 super Tuesday tornado out break,2010 Albert pike flash flood, 2011 tornado outbreak


Farming,mining and manufacturing

Natural resources

Some of the natural resources are coal,oil,oranges,sugarcane and carpet.