The Sugar Skull

By. Justin Goodwine


Finally a new paper mache skull that dazzles even the most jaded of Day of the Dead collectors! These are extremely well made and stuffed full of free hand painted designs, then encrusted in glitter. They are molded like all paper mache skulls, but hand-shaped to give the skull a real folk art feel. Many large ones have tin foil eyes. If you were to look at 50 skulls, only a few would be duplicated color combinations. Bright assorted colors, 2-tones and a few B&W. Artisans all over Mexico love Day of the Dead because it's the busiest time of the year for them.

The Project

Sugar Skull

- The Project
The Sugar skull project made us view them in a different way. We've all made sugar skulls from scratch and we didn't even know what sugar skulls stood for. But we do understand now. We've all have different meaning to our sugar skulls. Mine in particular was about how the Europeans striped the Native Americans land and how Natives had to move westward. There are so many different ideas that were shared with this project. The coloring on the skulls meant something too. We've all colored our skull differently. So sugar skulls are lightly painted and darkly painted. Most people painted there skulls lightly so that their background would stick out more. And that brings me to my next statement which is the background. The backgrounds in this project played a very important role in this project. The background gave viewers an interesting sight. The background speaks to viewers to help them picture what the whole concept of what the project is saying.