4th Grade News 11/16/15

Mrs. Curtright & Mrs. Foster

Important Information

Mrs. Curtright will be attending the NCTM math conference later this week, Wednesday-Friday. A former high school teacher, who is also named Mrs. Foster, will be her substitute. Mrs. Foster has subbed for us several times this year and has done a great job. If you have any questions or notes, our own 4th grade Mrs. Foster will take care of it.

Stagecoach Food Drive: Our food drive kicked off last Friday to stock the food pantry here at Stagecoach. 4th grade is bringing peanut butter and/or Pop Tarts

Picture Retakes-November 19th

Hoe Down-November 19th

Friday--Wear Red to support the Cabot Panthers!

Fall Break-November 23-27

PLEASE SAVE FOR MRS. FOSTER--Over the next two weeks, please save any ads from newspapers you subscribe to and send them to school on Monday, November 30.

Math, Science, and Social Studies

Math-Students spent last week working on using the partial product strategy to solve 3 x 1 digit and 4 x 1 digit multiplication problems. We also used the partial product strategy to solve multi-step word problems. This week we will begin learning the standard algorithm strategy to solve multiplication problems and multi-step word problems.

In fluency this week we will be focusing on the 8 facts. Students will have fact cards in their binder to practice at home this week. Please make sure your child practices these facts for 10-15 minutes a night. We will not have an accuracy check this week. We will practice the 8 facts for 2 weeks. This fact family has proven to be one of the most difficult for students to learn fluently. We will practice these facts in class daily and take the accuracy check the Friday after fall break.

Science- What a great week we had in Science last week!! Our Pancake and Cheese Dip Labs were a huge success. I want to thank all parents who came to help cook pancakes and who volunteered to send supplies! We could not have completed these two wonderful labs without your help. Watching students learn how to provide evidence on whether want they are viewing is a chemical or physical change is so rewarding. We will finish up the Cheese Dip Lab discussion on Monday and then it will be time to switch back to Social Studies.

Social Studies-We will begin our next Social Studies unit on Tuesday. This unit is called "The Story of Our Government". We will focus on the structure of the U.S. government, our founding documents, and the rights and responsibilities we have as citizens.

Reading, Writing, Vocab and Word Study

Word Study--All students have new words coming home today. Blue group will be focusing on stressed and unstressed syllables with e vowels. Orange group will focus on hard and soft g. We will focus our time in class on their sorts, and students will have a test on Friday.

Reading--We will continue reading like scientists this week. We will be wrapping up our focus on space this week by reading several articles both on Chromebooks and on paper. We will be writing about our thoughts about Mars, and we will continue looking for evidence in our readings.

Writing--We will work on our google presentations to present our research findings. We will also do several Thanksgiving themed writings.

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