Alexandra DeLuca

Your Not The Only One

Who I interviewed...

I interviewed my mother, Andrea DeLuca. She was in middle school at Moses Brown in Providence from 1986-1988.

Popular in 1986-1988

Music - Guns N Roses, Whitney Houston

Movies: Top Gun, Can't Buy Me Love, Stand By Me

Fashions: Acid Washed Jeans, big hair, bright clothes, Benetton

Favorite Sports and Hobbies

field hockey, lacrosse, skiing, and basketball

Do you still enjoy these hobbies?

"I still enjoy skiing but I don't go as often as I like"

Best and Worst

Best part - making new friends and feeling responsible

Worst part - drama with classmates

Describe yourself in middle school

A little shy at first but then outgoing and funny

Any advice kids in middle school?

Work hard, surround yourself with nice people, don't gossip, treat others the way you want to be treated

Difference between middle school and elementry

Elementary School - not much homework and more time to play

Middle School - More responsibility, more people = more friends

Did you go to middle school dances?

Every single one! The last song at every dance was the Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.