The Battle of Gettysburg



  • They both tell a story about the gettysburg war.
  • They both state the same facts of what had happened in the gettysburg war.
  • Both the book and the website had pictures


Slopes of war

  • Dives details about the solders and there familys.
  • Talks alot about how the peope were efected by the war and how the war changed them.
  • Didnt tell exactly were they were at that specifec time.
  • Didnt tell how many people died in the war.
  • Gives first persn view of how the war was and how president Lincons two minute speach was.
  • Gives picture of the routes that they went in and it was only in black and white.

The Battle of Gettysburg

  • Gives alot of facts about dates and times.
  • This tells you about most of the fatalitys and were it was spacificly located.
  • Thalked about president Lincons two minute speach but doesnt give exanpales of how it was for the people there at the speach.
  • Only gives facts talking about the war but didnt give any examples or talk about it in first person view.
  • Gives picture and they are all in color


  • "The artilery is masked by the woods, and we cant even see a damned thing."
  • "Look- oh, look at 'em, Ive never seen 'em skedaddle before."