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February 16, 2016

Celebrate a review of Dr. Marvin Marshall!

Discipline can be stress free! NP3 did amazing work with reviewing key concepts from Dr. Marvin Marshall's "Discipline Without Stress." Remember key steps from Thursday's PD - seeing through students’ behavior:

1) Ask yourself reflective questions (given in notes) about the behavior and student to diagnose a possible “trigger.” For example, seeking attention is not a trigger. Rather it is a coping mechanism for feeling incompetent or insecure. Remember times when confronted with conflict or a “trigger” humans tend to freeze, flee, or fight. Identify what leads to those coping behaviors.

2) Prepare a conference to communicate with your student(s). Notes not included in your handout:

  • No more refocuses will be used. At least not the same paper and procedure as before. You are teaching a new behavior with a consequence created and agreed upon by both parties. That is the new consequence always given until it doesn’t work, at which a “reteach” done in a different way as needed.
  • A warning is given followed immediately by the established consequence. You must be consistent and follow the plan to be effective!
  • The student must be involved in the conversation. Even if it’s a simple response to “How do you feel about that? or “Does that sound reasonable?” or “Is that helpful for you?”
  • Refrain from asking a student why they do something. Often times we don’t know why, nor is it solution oriented. Rather ask “How is that working out for you?” or “What is it that you are trying to accomplish?” or “if that situation comes up again, what would you do differently?”

In addition to reviewing key points addressed from PD, here is an excerpt in note form from Marvin’s Monthly Newsletter about improving relationships.

  • Focus on the behavior or comment that prompts upsetting or negative feelings—rather than on the person.
  • Share your feelings about the effects of what someone does or says. It’s healthy and aids relationships to say, “That comment really hurt me.” If you don’t tell the person what is bothering you, you may not fix what really is just a misunderstanding.
  • Describe breakdowns as “mutual” difficulties or challenges, rather than as something inflicted upon you by another person.
  • Much anger expressed maliciously is actually self-anger, which is being transferred to protect one’s own self-image. In this regard, one of my favorite questions is, “Are you angry with me or with the situation?” The question immediately prompts reflection and often results in an apology.
  • Ask for the other person’s help. It is a rare situation when you will ask someone (especially a younger person) for assistance and receive a negative response. Preface the request by saying, “I need your help on this.”
  • An adult can discipline a young person while still keeping good relationships when the practices of Discipline Without Stress are employed: thinking about the positive (rather than the negative), offering choices, and prompting reflection.

There are a variety of key take-aways from Thursday's PD and Dr. Marvin Marshall's key points. Consider just a few to implement into your classroom and how you will work to change and improve conversations with students. What is truly remarkable about "Discipline Without Stress," is that through specific questioning and prompts, we can foster student reflection on their choices and behaviors and their affect on themselves and others into a positive experience. Rock on Pirates! Arrrgh Matey!

NP3 Announcements Mateys!

For Teachers Only:

  • NP3 Elementary School: NP3 Elementary is opening for fall 2016 and we welcome Marcie Dart as the principal! There will be a welcome and informational meeting for anyone that would like to attend Saturday 2/20 at 10am at NP3 MS/HS campus. Applications and other specific information will also be provided at this time.
  • Instructional Rounds: Rounds begin this week! Math rounds will start Thursday 2/18 and English rounds is the following week.
  • Give One To Get One: Be prepared to give up a prep week of Feb 22 to learn from your colleagues!

  • Rainy Day: Rainy day schedule is as needed, it will not be scheduled. You will be notified if students need to be inside or not via email prior to any snack or lunch break. At that time teachers will communicate the expectations to students. The email re: room availability is something available to students at a minimum, plus any additional rooms available moment of. Thank you for your cooperation and flexibility!

  • Infinite Campus: Infinite issues take a rather long time to resolve most of the time; with this in mind, please be sure you practice entering of scores and that they appear appropriately so any issues can be taken care of now, rather than report card week. Report any issues to Anzelc! Thank you for your "infinite" patience!

  • Students Moving Classes: Infinite Campus does not save scores/grades for a student that moves between classes. This means that if a student is to be moved, you will be notified (most likely by a counselor or Sharon Maccini), and you will need to print whatever information is needed for documented scores in the new class.

  • 6th Celebration: The next one is 2/19.

  • Trash-Pick-Up: Asher & Williams 2/17, Berry & Hebb 2/19.

Share with Advisees:

  • NP3 HS Shadow Days: 8th grade students will be shadowing NP3 HS students the week of Feb 15 and Feb 22. Each advisory will shadow for two periods on an assigned day.

  • Pizza Sales: Pizza will be for sale after school in the quad on 2/18, 3/3 and 3/31 to help raise money for Science Camp.

  • HWC: Homework Center is open after school Monday-Wednesday until 4pm. All students are welcome to check out books, use computers and work on homework!

  • Booster Meeting: The next one is 4/11! There are always snacks! 6:30 pm in the NP3 Library.

  • Spring Yearbook Prices: $25 for soft cover $30 for hard cover. Order online @ YBpay.lifetouch.com Yearbook code: 10582516

  • Pennies for Patients: NP3 Advisories will be collecting money for our annual drive February 2-March2. The goal is to raise over $2000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and remain among the highest contributing middle schools in Sacramento. Last year our top advisory raised $382 and as a site we raised over $1000! We want to keep that momentum going! Each advisory will have their own goal and flyers are being sent home. Students can collect spare change in the mini boxes provided in advisory and easily transport money between home and school. Donations can be cash, check, or coins. The advisory that raises the most money will win a pizza party.

  • Project Guardian: Project Guardian is a new program NP3 is implementing to celebrate and promote kindness on campus. Nominations for February are due Feb. 22nd and should be turned into Silas.

  • Treasure Chest Music Fest Auditions: Will be held at lunch February 23, 24 and 26. This is a 6-12 event that will be held on March 4th and will showcase a variety of musical talent. Please see Silas for details.