An interview with Mr. Canonico

By Brandy Isarraras

Once A Great Teacher Always A Great Teacher

In the past, Marcus Canonico was a teacher who taught classes including business and accounting. Mr. Canonico studied at Baylor University and graduated with a Bachelor's degree of Business Administration. He currently works at BCTAL as the Content Coordinator.

Link to Marcus Canonico's school website

A Few Facts About Mr. Canonico

Classes He Teaches:

  • Business
  • Accounting
Classroom Environment:
  • Computer lab
  • Not colorful
  • motivational posters
  • usually quiet unless doing group work
  • project based
What He Likes the Most About Teaching:
  • Seeing the high school students coming back to thank him and getting to see how successful they've become

Teaching Style:

  • Collaboration
  • Group work
  • Finding information and then sharing it
  • Sometimes instructional (tried to do as little as possible)

Hours Per Week:

  • 45-50

Biggest Challenges As A Teacher:

  • Trying to get all students to get involved in the classroom

Classroom Management Techniques:

  • mutual respect (very important)
  • rules posted
  • contract signed for rules
  • helpful