Eric Clapton

Legandary Guitarist- By Taylor Marcin and Kevin Nguyen

Early life

Eric Clapton was born in Ripley, Surrey in 1945, and was raised by his grandparents John and Rose Clapp. His grandparents gave Clapton his first guitar which he taught himself to play. Clapton began jamming in pubs in clubs to start career in being a guitarist.


  • Robert Johnson
  • Muddy Waters
  • Sonny Boy
  • Bill Broonzy
  • B. B. King

Time Period

Eric Clapton's career was at its top around 1970's and 80's, during the 1970's the Vietnam War ended, the Beatles break up, the Rolling Stones form, gay rights protests, Nigerian civil war ended, and five-year civil war in Cambodia ends with a Communist victory. During the 1980's, protester trying to achieve equality for women and Exxon Valdez oil spill.

His Music

Eric Clapton was famous for pop, rock, and blues music. Clapton was first a member of Roosters, then Yardbirds, then Bluesbreakers, then created a band called Cream with the hits of "Sunshine of Your Love", a rocking version of Robert Johnsons "Crossroads" (1966), "We're Only In It for the Money" (1967), and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" (1968) ft. George Harrison. After Cream ended, Clapton and Baker formed Blind Faith. The hit singles for Blind Faith were "Can't Find MY Way Home" (1969) and "Presence of the Lord" (1969). Then After Blind Faith ended Clapton formed Derek and the Dominos, which there hit song was "Layla" (1970). Then when Derek and the Dominos ended he went solo, his first solo hit was "After Midnight". Claptons first album Slowhand featured the hit single "Lay Down Sally". His second album 461 Ocean Boulevard features hits own version of "I Shot the Sheriff". In 1990 his son fell to his death at a high level hotel room so he wrote the song "Tears in Heaven" in memory of his son.

Interesting Facts

  • After releasing his album he lost two of his friends
  • Got a Grammy in 1990, 1992, and 1994
  • First musician to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times
  • Form more bands then any other rock guitarist
  • His real name is Eric Patrick Clapp