How to dress your toddler!

By: Kryslyn Autrey

Clothing should include:



growth features


quality construction

Reasons to dress your toddler a certain way...

safety- Toddlers love running around everywhere and playing quite roughly, so buying clothes that prevent wear and tear helps them for being comfortable and helps you not spend as much money on clothes.

comfort- As said, toddlers love rough housing, they don't want to feel restricted and uncomfortable in their clothing. Toddlers have very sensitive skin just like babies so always check for scratchy tags, seams, and detailing on their clothes. This also ties in with quality construction because most of the time, low quality clothes are prone to not lasting a long time and being uncomfortable.

growth features- Make sure you know your toddlers weight and height so you don't buy clothes that are too tight or too big. This also includes swimsuits.

self dressing- Buying elastic clothes, shirts with a big enough hole to easily put their head through, and clothes with big snap-buttons so your child can learn how to dress and undress their selves.