Build-a-bear workshop

By Gabriel Nixon

Amazing toys

Teddy bears are soft and plush. But build-a-bear workshop is the leading brand. They sell 50% of all teddy bears. They are meant for baby's but bring joy to parents faces when their kid is happy.

That's why you should swap to build-a-bear workshop now. You can have fun creating a one of a kind bear with your child today.

If you bear gets a rip or tear go back to the store for a repair. Nothing is more important than the customer. And that's the difference between build-a-bear workshop.

The best toys

At build-a-bear our bears are stuffed with love and deliver happiness to your children. All in a safe environment the little fur balls are made and you can watch!

Fun facts

1. 50% of anyone who bought a teddy bear in 2006 bought it from build-a-bear workshop.

2. In 2008 they lost 50% of their customers.

3. In 6 months they regained 30%

Your children

Hurry down to build-a-bear now don't leave your child hanging. Alet them tag along and build one together