Wild Fires

Main issues and negative effects

A main issue is that we are loosing a lot of forests. Wild fires can even destroy homes, people, and wildlife. A negative effect it has on our environment is that they have destroyed up to 9 million acres of land. Wildfires can even pollute the air we breath. T

Local effect and what causes them

Wildfires aren't common in League City but are possible. If our climate changed it could be possible to have a wild fire. People aren't effected by wildfires because there are none. People and nature can cause wildfires, they can be caused by cigarettes or the weather being too dry and many other things.


There are no solutions to completely stopping wildfires, but we as humans can stop being irresponsible with fire and setting it to the forests. My solution to this problem is people to stop using fires in forests and for us to be able to control how dry the air is. Yet this isn't possible because you cannot control the weather.

Wildfire areas and Who is effected

The main area that is effected by wildfires is the west, where it is more dry and there are more droughts. The wildlife that is effected there most is the vegetation and animals living in forests. The wildlife is either destroyed and burnt down or is forced to move out of there homes.
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