Marcus and Narcissa Whitman

Missionary Founder

Why I (Narcissa) moved west

I lived in New York with my family I was born March 18, 1808. I was very religious and at the age of 16 I had pledged my life to missionary work. I taught school after I graduated. Me and Marcus had meet before we left for the west but they wouldn't let me go unwedded so Marcus and I decided to marry. After we were offered us a position as missionaries.

Why I (Marcus) Moved West

I lived in New York along with Narcissa I was born September 4, 1802. I studied as a doctor and got my degree in 1832. I practiced medicine in Canada for 4 years then returned to New York. Finally meet my wife and we got married and headed west.

" The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing."

Where I settled in the west

We settled in what is now Washington state. We founded a mission in Walla Walla valley for the Cayuse Indians. "I held church services, practiced medicine and constructed numerous buildings; Narcissa ran our household, assisted in the religious ceremonies, and taught in the mission school." (PBS the west)

Our impact on westward expansion

"Before his death, Marcus Whitman made an epic 3,000 mile journey to Boston, publicizing the attractions of the Pacific Northwest and warning easterners of the need to offset British influence in the region. On his return trip to Oregon in l843, Whitman guided nearly 900 immigrants along the Oregon Trail." Then created a mission for folks along the way, indains, or that come to settle.

Manifest Destiny

America's Manifest Destiny was to spread all the way from coast to coast. We agree with the concept of Manifest destiny because we made a long journey to help with achieving Manifest Destiny and lead over 900 immigrants along the Oregon Trail.

What we hoped to achieve

When we headed west our goal was to make it to Oregon. Also to create a successful mission which we achieved.

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